Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Carol at May Dreams Gardens and Pam at Digging invite one and all to post pictures of what's blooming (on the 15th of each month) and what's leafing (on the 16th of each month).  Since my garden has squeaked by the many frosts and freezes of the winter, I can show you much more than during a typical February.

Carolina Laurel Cherry closeup. I wish there was a rule that said 'once it's in bloom, no more freezes'.
I'm still not certain we will make it to April without a late freeze here in Houston. We shall see.

Purple lantana has won the show again for this month.

First Azaleas are in bloom. Usually it blooms in early March.

Canna indica~ a species canna good for butterflies.


Agave victoriae-reginae compacta

Agave ferox

'Agave Row'


Pittosporum tobira is budding out.

Canna indica 'Red Stripes' with our hens. This is funny; every time I stop to take a closeup of a plant,  the hens run to see what food I'm dropping for them! That's why they are in this photo.

The Holly fern is leafing out with its beautiful fronds.

The silvery foliage of Buddliea davidii 'Nanho Purple'. I'm really excited about this plant and hope it likes Houston. I give it a 50/50 chance since it is actually for colder zones.

This dandelion rosette is stunning against the colorful gravel backdrop. Should I keep it for a while?
Hey, don't dandelion greens taste pretty good?

A striking display of chickweed and pesky oxalis. Here chickens! Dinner is ready.

And finally a touch of class. I potted up some hair sedge, gave it a nice haircut, and put it in a classy piece of pottery.

I might open a new business; haircuts for hair sedge. It was actually quite fun.

Thanks to all for stopping by this month. Spring is one week closer.

Hair Sedge ~ my new lawn awaits! 


  1. David, I love the Cherry Laurel blossom. Just too pretty!

  2. Your garden is always a treat to visit! Love the Holly fern and hair sedge!

  3. Great shot of the purple lantana with agave row. It is a winner. Almost looks like San Antonio except you can grow Azalea and lots of other acid loving plants.

    The weeds do look good in the gravel. Smiling at the haircut for the sedge, a bit of fun in the garden.

  4. Lovely photos of your flowers, foliage......and weeds ?!?! Are you a member of the Weed Appreciation Society ?

  5. aloha,

    love all the cactus combinations especially your lantana with the agave in the background, great combination :)

  6. I can't believe you have a canna blooming! And your purple lantana is gorgeous. I love the idea of the hair sedge in the pot. Just the perfect idea for a couple of pots I have around here! Funny about your chickens always running up when you go to shoot a picture - I have a cat that is the same way!

  7. Much enjoyed all the photos and plants. Way ahead of me in my garden here on Lake Michigan. ENVY! Jack

  8. Found you so interesting decided to follow your Blog. Great. jack

  9. I wonder if we have had our last freeze myself. I bet there is one more out there but hopefully not too hard of one. I like them as they knock back the mosquitoes but that is about the only thing I like about them.... Azaleas- classic Houston plant- love em'. Your blooms look beautiful. Cute shots with the chickens. =0)

  10. Looks like winter hardly came at all to your garden. Happy Bloom Day, David!

  11. oh yes, I so hope we are done with freezes for this season!
    and I have the pesky oxalis EVERYWHERE. I can't get rid of it anymore, so I just see it as groundcover ;-)

  12. It is interesting that you included weeds...we do forget about them most of the time. :) The hens are so cute...following you around as you photograph. My cats can be like that, but I just add them as subjects.

  13. It really does look like spring in your garden with all that purple lantana and azalea. Although I have to say my purple lantana is blooming too. That's a first for February. Pesky oxalis? As one who would love to have more I just don't want to hear those words. Clever idea on the sedge. It's a beauty.

  14. Purple lantana is looking especially good in Austin right now too, and it makes a nice combo with your silvery agaves. That hair sedge haircut is cute too! Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up.

  15. It's wonderful to see flowers in bloom and green outdoor plants this time of year.

  16. Only happy thoughts right now. No more crazy winters. the plants are loving the temps....and so am I....well not the weeds so much:)

  17. You have some nice blooms. I find it hard to believe that you are having blooms when everything is barren here in north-east.

  18. Yes spring is close. Hope is eternal


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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