Since I've had to rebuild our fence this summer, I have become fascinated with the many types. Some garden walls have also made it into the photo collection. Check back each month to see new entries. :-)
Our new garden fence. June 2010

CASTROVILLE, TEXAS was founded by Alsatian settlers in the 1850s. The town has rigorously kept most of its historical buildings intact.
Rock wall & building  in historic Castroville, TX

  Picket fence~Castroville, TX

Rustic fence~ Castroville, TX

Metal fence circa 1910~historic Castroville, TX

Old Picket Fence with Wagon ~Castroville, TX

Rustic wall trellises ~historic Castroville, TX

 Picket fence at Christmastime in historic Woodland Heights ~ Houston, Texas

Rustic Picket Fence at Lindheimer Home in New Braunfels, Texas

A funny cedar Fredericksburg, Texas
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An unusual  'Points up, Points down'  picket fence in the northern border town of Dalhart, Texas.
Fence made with cedar rails at Independence, Texas
Rustic split rail fence in Round Top, Texas

                    Creative handmade picket fence with intricate pattern on spikes ~ Burton, Texas
Dry field stone fence in Independence, Texas

Rustic picket fence and flower garden in Round Top, Texas

Stockade fence has animals on the other side ~ Round Top, Texas
Picket fence with vines and cool gate ~ Houston Heights, Texas

Alternating heights picket fence with wild rose trellis ~ Houston Heights, Texas

Beautiful picket fence with top posts and charming, rounded gate. Houston Heights

Rustic railroad tie fence with ornate metal panels, and creative gate. Houston Heights 

Flat board picket fence with matching gate in Columbus, Texas

Wire panel fence with beautiful wooden gate and wooden posts with top pieces. Houston Heights

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