JOKE #1: Why did Mozart have to get rid of his chickens?
Because all they kept saying was BACH, BACH, BACH.

JOKE #2: Why did the chicken cross the road?
She wanted to lay it on the line.

JOKE #3: What wakes up a chicken?
A cuckoo cluck.

JOKE #4: Why do chickens take so many vacations?
Because they are always cooped up.

JOKE #5: Why do chickens make good investment bankers?
Because they are always working on their nest egg.

JOKE #6: Why did the rooster resent his wife.
He was hen-pecked.

JOKE #7: What does the hen say every night when putting the chicks to bed?
I don't want to hear a peep out of anybody.

JOKE #8: How do chickens stop traffic?
They use a LEGHORN. (that's the white breed of chicken)

JOKE #9: What movies do chickens watch?
Anything with Gregory PECK.

JOKE #10: Why did the chicken cross the road?
To run away from all of these terrible jokes!

JOKE #11: What happened when the businessman fired the chicken?
Not much. But it did ruffle some feathers.

JOKE #12: What happened when none of the farmer's eggs hatched?
He was investigated by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incubation)

JOKE #13: Why do chickens get hit in the face with pies?
Because chickens can't duck.

JOKE #14: Why were the teen-aged chickens sent to the principal's office?
Because they were caught using fowl language.
JOKE #15: What's the most a chicken can hope for?
To win the PULLET-zer prize.

JOKE #16: Why do chickens make such poor stand up comedians?
Because they can't wing it very well.

JOKE #17: Why did the two hens faint at the carnival?
They accidentally watched the egg toss.

JOKE #18: Why couldn't the brave rooster stop the fight?
He was chicken.

JOKE #19: How do you avoid getting into trouble around strict chickens?
You do EGGSactly what you're told.

....and my worst one....drum(stick)roll please.....

JOKE #20: What steamy romance novel were the hens caught reading last night?
"Chicken Strips in Las Vegas"
That's all folks!
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JOKE #21: How would the world change if chickens suddenly became botanists?

The question would become, 'Why did the chicken cross the ROADadendron?'

{I'm sorry, that was terrible. Have a great day}


  1. Short version of this chicken joke: A chicken farmer who, along with his wife and son, preferred drumsticks, developed a three legged chicken. One day, a traveler saw one of the crazy hybrids running alongside the road, outpacing the car. When the guy saw the sign advertising three legged chickens, he just had to stop in. After the farmer told the history, the man just had to ask, "Well, how do they taste?" "Don't rightly know" answered the farmer. "We've never caught one."

  2. Great joke! I'll be sure and add it to the collection.
    Thanks! :0)


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