Thursday, January 5, 2012


Children's art from my friend's art studio
Isn't it nice to see nature from a child's perspective?

This is the 300th time I've taken a seat in front of my computer and written about my garden.
I think I can answer that question by asking another; Is garden blogging an art form?
I'd like to think so.

We photograph our gardens....and our garden blogs capture the photographer inside us.

         Some of us  love to craft stories and our garden blogs capture that sense of style and drama in   
our writings. Others have a gift for humor and entertain us all until we're ready to fall out of our chairs and onto the floor.
Still others give us a private view inside their gardens and inside their hearts...a view so beautiful we want to visit again and again.
We're happy to see gardens like our own and many others that inspire us with their landscape designs and crazy garden art.

Crazy garden art...I'm lovin' it

(My favorite tropical flower: Scarlet Passiflora)

Finally, there are the plants themselves. We love to grow these beauties for their colors, their textures, their scents, and for the animals and insects they attract.
Designing a place to hold all these objects of beauty can be just as exciting as the objects themselves.
That, to me, is a fine reason to sit down at a computer and design a garden blog.

But there is still one more reason
Garden blogging is not a one way street like sitting down to read a book.
Instead, there are friendships to be made and garden blogs see.
And to our amazement, there's a gardener behind each one!

When you love doing something, it never seems like work. It seems more like play.
300 times...
...seems like yesterday when all this started.

Happy Garden Blogging!
 David/ :0)


  1. Amazing how the posts build up! If you look back at the first post and compare it with your current work, you'll see the differences. I look back at my pics and have developed a better photography style. And then there's the writing and the topics....this is definitely funs stuff.

  2. WOW! So nicely written. I can see the artist, the writer, the gardener and above all a very unique individual behind all these :-).

    On another note, those children are really creative if they could create such nice paintings.

  3. This makes a nice twist on the New Year's hook...
    How do you know the number of your posts? Do you have to hand count them, or is there some easier way that I should know about?

  4. What a great post! It is so interesting that everyone's blogs are so very different, when we post about the same subject - gardens. But our personalities shine though, and that's what makes each one special. Love the artwork! I liked your thought of blogging as a bit of art, too. Especially since I've never been able to draw a stick figure! ;)

  5. Very good! I have a long way to go, for that milestone.
    I love blogging and reading blogs. I've learned a lot, about a lot of things.
    And, we get to 'meet' some really nice people.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Congrats on you 300th post. It's definitely fun to find and share with other gardeners. I would dearly miss visiting all the friends that I have made in blogland. p.s. love the children's art work.

  7. David, I have been gardening at the same location for 18 years, but only recently started blogging. Thank you for this post. I think you have beautifully summed up the garden blogging world. I know I have only just begun to blog, but I clearly see the truth in your words. There is such a great community of garden blogs out there and I feel like it’s a tremendous adventure to discover them all. Thanks again!

  8. Excellent perspective! I always thought blogging was self-important and pointless until I started a garden blog as a way to show my aunts my garden. Suddenly, I was surrounded by such an incredible amount of wisdom and was exposed to completely different points of view, which is so vital. I think being a blogger is a bit like being a modern microarchivist. I'm documenting my garden and my own life much like diarists archived theirs. I may be the only one on my street who cares about gardening but being part of a larger community is enriching.

  9. Thanks all for the wonderful comments...a vital part of the fabric of all garden blogs...and a most enjoyable one to this blogger. :0) David

  10. David, it's my first visit to your blog. It's a stoater as we say over here. There's some lovely photography and some very original touches such as the old posts pointer at the bottom and your "Straw Hat collection". And talented children on this post! Very enjoyable.

  11. Such a fine post for #300. I don't think I have read such a great look at garden blogging. So often it is easily forgotten that people are behind the blogs making stories and images for others to enjoy. It really is an art. I just love the kid's paintings and thank you for using them in the post. The beetle drawing is very, very good.

  12. David, congrats on your 300th post - Having only recently discovered your blog I'm looking forward to the next 300! "a gift for humor" shines through in your writing and you make me smile, A LOT!! And the straw hats? Fantastic!! I really need to start a collection of something garden related ... oh, other than plants of course, I have hundreds of those :)

  13. congrats! always enjoy your posts and friendship.

  14. I am loving your blog actually the colours are taking the eye from my head as they say around here. It is so true that behind every blog there is a gardener and a whole human being too. Love it:~)

  15. Beautiful artwork David! Isn't it funny when people ask you, "don't you ever run out of things to write about?" The answer for a garden blogger, of course, is no, because there's always something new to learn -- infinite capacity for growth and renewal. Congratulations on your 300th post!

  16. Enjoyed my visit to a number of your postings. I too use mostly (99.99%) photos from my garden. It is a little different here along the shores of Lake Michigan so you might like to take a look. Jack

  17. David, congratulations on the 300th! I feel fortunate to know you in both the blogosphere and real life!

    Hope yesterday's storm didn't cause too many problems for your garden or the chickens!

  18. That's what keeps me blogging too, David. Happy 300th post!

  19. Congratulations on your 300th post. What a great achievement. I love the children's art and would be very proud to hang it on my walls. It's a shame we get all self-conscious as we get older, and lose some of the wonderful creativity.

  20. It doesn't feel like work when you love doing it! Congrats, keep it up darling!


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