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I've been hoping to find a local source for chicks and I found one. Quality Feed and Seed on North Main in Houston Texas has an excellent variety of straight run (both sexes mixed) and pullets (hens). Since I just want eggs and since these are going to be garden pets, I bought just pullets.
If you are going to raise chickens, get a book on the topic and read it cover to cover to see what you're getting in to.  Don't buy cute chicks on a whim. HERE ARE THE BASICS:
Chicks need warmth (80 to 90 degree temps in one part of the container), room enough to get away from the heat, constant water, chick starter crumbs, proper flooring and bedding material, and lots of care the first week.
All has gone well except for one scare; the water container went dry and nothing flowed out of the bottle for half a day. So I've put a tiny container with pebbles and water in the corner as a backup in case this happens while I'm at work.  Our cat also got into the room once, but I've got a metal grate on the top. Plus, he's very old and well fed.
Easter chicks are famous for NOT being cared for. Mine have been in the planning stages for 5 months now so yes, they're going to be fun  Easter chicks for the kids, but they're mostly here for many years to come as garden chickens. I must admit, they ARE very cute! Happy Easter everybody!
Our first night. That's some winter rye grass from the garden I'm using for bedding.
You can also use layers of newspaper, paper towels, and pine shavings. DO NOT use cedar shavings because the aromatic fumes are hard on their lungs. Also, they will peck at anything, so these grasses were not chopped up but about a foot long. I watched carefully to see if any choking was going on. So far, so good.

It was almost 90 degrees F outside and warm enough to take the babies on their first field trip.
I still had to hold them and warm them up after a bit. We stayed out for about 10 minutes, then got back inside under the warm lights.

Handtaming starts immediately. I sit in the pen with the flock and gently hold each one until it feels secure. Usually they fall asleep in my hand. It's the best part of raising pet chickens.

My wife said I accidentally brought home a PENGUIN! It's really a black Australorp (Australian breed) and it is the spunkiest of the bunch. A beetle accidentally got into the pen and was gone.
We've name her Gwen (short or Penguin) She's extremely soft.

This one looks almost like a baby owl. It has barred wings and brown and tan coloration.
It's a week old and the leader of the tribe. We've nicknamed it Hoot! He's a rascal, but very sweet.
I'll post some more HEN HAPPENINGS in about a week.
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  1. Sounds like you have a new and fun hobby that may distract from the garden:) I'd love to have chickens but I think we are not allowed:( However, I do have a space for them...down the road. Have fun and Happy Easter!

  2. Oh yes, they might distract from the garden unless I call them GARDEN CHICKENS. ha ha LOL
    Seriously, they are going to fit in so well. Already my compost bin is breathing new life with the extra dose of Nitrogen from the chick manure. Usually it's just S-L-O-W brown leaves composting over the year.

  3. Hi David

    I liked your comment. It is a fantastic blog world where you can get in touch with likeminded gardeners. Yes, I think, we have many identical ideas and perceptions about our gardens and lives despite the great geographic distance.

    Venlig hilsen

  4. Congratulations on your new additions to the family! I know they'll thrive under your care.

  5. Congratulations on your new gardening companions!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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