Saturday, November 16, 2013


It's still warm here in Houston despite some close calls with frost.
Here's a sample of what's in bloom this November day.
As much as I love the blooms, I'm really more of a tropical foliage freak.
For that reason, I've put some green goodies at the end of the post.
Happy GBBD!
P.S. To see the whole collection of GBBD gardeners, just 'google' May Dreams Gardens.
Carol would love to see you. 
Rock rose loves to scramble over walls.
I can't find the name of this little zinnia, but it has had the best year ever in my garden.
The pentas are perfect. Please Mr. Frost, stay away!
Am I a terrible gardener to allow the Gay's Delight coleus to bloom? Kick me out of the garden society, but I'm not pinching back the coleus!
The squill is a thrill.
Hummers are enjoying this native member of the hibiscus family.
The lantana is leaping out of the flower beds! Butterflies love this plant.
This little member of the mint family had no tag, but has round, gray green leaves.
I wish someone could help me identify it. It's very aromatic, but it's not catmint.
Here's the Texas cottage garden for November. The Cape Daisy (yellow) seems unstoppable.
The white Zinnia is also reliable along with the purple Mexican heather.
Our cat Binky enjoys rubbing against the gomphrena. I bought about 2 dozen of these plants in shades of white, purple, and lavender.
Here's some native nightshade in bloom.
And here's soft pink Agastache. It's now blooming after a long summer siesta.
The 4 o'clocks will bloom until frost. I love, actually change that to LOVE the fragrance of this night bloomer.
This is my favorite photo to share. These little tradescantias bloom endlessly throughout my garden.
Honeybees and other insects converge on them daily.
Speaking of insects, I did not realize this goldenrod was occupied until one of the 'buds' started to move.
This is a tiny 'true bug' but I haven't a clue to its name.
Since I've not used poisons or insecticides in my garden for almost 30 years, I find new and fascinating visitors every summer.
I'm going to end the post with the next photo and do the foliage followup tomorrow.
I didn't realize I had so many flower photos.
It's been a nice November here in Houston.
Here's a taste of foliage follow-up. See ya soon!


  1. Some great photos of the blooms this time of year down your way. Your second photo is of the same plants I have in the house. Came in by accident and are about to bloom. Outside - cold and the frost has already come here on the shores of Lake Michigan. Must be nice to still have something that is growing! Jack

  2. Amazing all the blooms you still have! I hope you get to enjoy them for a while yet. And Binky is just as sweet looking as any of the flowers!

  3. Your tenure in the garden society is safe with me - I rarely pinch my coleus flowers either.

  4. Lovely November flowers and beautiful photos! Here in London we still haven’t had any frost but might get some night frost next week. Funny how cats choose their favourite plants in the garden, my cat loves my Acer palmatum, he use it as a scratch post, despite I have wrapped a trunk protector all the way up, and he keeps wrapping himself under it and sleeps there, under the canopy, his favourite spot. If I want to go and find him I always look there first :-) Happy GBBD!

  5. I'm another of those gardeners who delights in seeing the Coleus blooms on display. I have grown Coleus for many, many years and I just don't understand why people want to nip off the gorgeous blooms.

    Your cottage garden looks gorgeous. That white Zinnia is eye-catching and your Cape Daisy is a cheery addition. My favourite bloom today was definitely that little Tradescantia!

  6. Your blooms look great. I also let my coleus go to flower as the bees and hummers love them. They will even reseed.

  7. Is it possible the mint family plant is a variety of culinary sage? Do the leaves smell like Thanksgiving? :-) I need a division of the white Tradescantia!

  8. I too am more a leaf than flower person. (Not very familiar with the undersides of insects but is is a green shield bug?)

  9. I'm not sure if my reply worked or not---please feel free to delete a duplicate...

    Very nice bloom day. We've had a couple of close calls here in Montgomery County as well. I really thought my African blue basil was going to bite the dust last week---but it is still alive and kicking!

  10. Love all those tropical strong colours of bloom in your garden.
    They are really hot!


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