Wednesday, June 6, 2012


You might be a gardener if you make your plants do funny tricks!
This guy is on my front porch! :0)

You might be a gardener if
(David at Tropical Texana's version)

…on your daily walks you start to pull weeds from a neighbor’s lawn

…your screen saver is a scene from a local nursery

…you forget your son’s birthday but the calendar shows all the upcoming plant sales

…you plan your vacations around flowering times in your garden

…you’ve named your dog Daisy and your cat Verbena

…you’ve gotten out of bed to get a drink but ended up in the garden with a flashlight to see if a plant is blooming

…you talk about your compost pile in emails

…you’ve called from work to ask a family member to water a plant

…your family photo albums and Flickr accounts contain only photos of plants but no family members

…while in a restaurant you're frustated with the Spring Mix salad because you don't recognize one of the leaves! (is that Arugula? Radicchio? What the heck is it?! drive to the store to buy air filters and come back with a hanging basket that was on sale

…while at a restaurant with friends, you’ve taken the sprig of mint out of your tea, wrapped it in a napkin, and taken it home to grow in your herb garden

….you can name the Musas, Marantas, and Magnolias at the botanical garden but you can’t remember the guy’s name in the next cubicle!

…your list of crimes against humanity includes the time your neighbor’s dog peed on your flowers and the neighbor said not to worry, it was good for the flowers! (This really happened to me!)

and now for the finale....the GOLD STANDARD....You might be a gardener if... grow a thousand plants but ONE dies and you feel puzzled, betrayed, heartbroken, angry, or depressed and start to question your gardening skills even though the OTHER 999 are flourishing all around you!

My friend Carol at May Dreams Gardens wrote a hilarious version called the car edition. If you've ever had a problem getting a plant into a car then you MUST read her post!

Another fun version from Sandra at the University of Illinois Extension Service.

Here's a PG-13 version from Hanna at  This Garden is Illegal. (She's had problems with deer).

Here's a Redneck version that is also hilarious.

Happy Gardening and thanks for stopping by!
You might be a gardener if you've forgotton how to watch TV or how to use the remote because you're always outside gardening!
Our family calls this Channel Blue. I find it much better than most of the other stuff on TV.


  1. Funny! I'm so glad I'm not the only one outside at night with a flashlight! I always pull the weeds I find growing in nursery pots even if I'm not buying that plant. :o)

  2. Too funny! Guilty of the weed pulling and compost talk!

  3. definitely the weed pulling one

  4. I rate a 6-7 on your list so guilty as charged. Fun post!

  5. I think I won't tell on myself about how many fit here.
    Even the last one.

    Our neighbor's dogs come over here to do their 'thing'. She once said..while we were talking & her dog peed on my's good 'fertilizer'. Of course, she doesn't even have a landscape!

  6. Oh, yes, I might be a gardener! I think I do all those. Well, I've never wrapped a spring of mint from my tea, but I appreciate the idea! :) I think the weed pulling one is the most telling. I find myself reaching to pull weeds everywhere I go. Sometimes I remember to stop, other times I try to pull it without anyone noticing! haha

  7. Oh that was fun. I could tick off quite a few on that list of yours, but the last one is definitely the deal breaker! Great stuff!

  8. Sorry, I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I've nominated you for the 'Sunshine' Award. I know you're an inspiration to me and I do so hope many others drop by and find out exactly why.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Boy, you've chosen to read some old ones! The plant in the last photo on the May 2 Wordless Wed was some type of sedum (sieboldii the tag says). I have it in a pot. Just noticed your Chinese blog list. I"ll have to check some of those out since my daughter lived in China for 3.5 years and is recently home for now but using her Chinese fluency in her job here.

  10. I'm afraid I too am be guilty as charged. I can pop a tick next to most of the 'symptoms'. Although, when I have the irresistible urge to check out a bloom in the middle of the night with my flashlight, it usually has to be raining as well.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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