Thursday, March 22, 2012


We finally ventured out to the Antique Rose Emporium. Here's how I felt: I wanted someone to hand me a garden trowel so that I could hit myself in the head to go along with my utterances of 'Why didn't I think of that?'
I kept running around snapping photos like a kid in candy shop. Every corner held new surprises. (And it TAKES A LOT to surprise some of us) Tell me what you think!!!
"Red Garden Cat on a Lavender Fence"
(I was surprised)

"Metal Rooster in a Metal Cage"  Geez...these people are funny!

"A flower BED"  (pun intended)
We are now entering the rarefied air of serious garden humor. I'm feeling threatened.
(rarefied is correct...I checked twice)

"Thumbs up!" or "Honey, have you seen my garden gloves lately?"

"Flower pot girl pushes the fertilizer spreader already sprouting with flowers."

"Flower pot boy cools off in the bathtub"

This cemetery cracked me up.

Once you're in the garden humor mood, everything strikes you as funny. I laughed out loud at this scene.
Green hairball humor.

More cemetery humor. I'll never again look at broken pottery in quite the same way.
Shall I put graves around my own garden? Hmmm..front yard or back?

I'll leave you with a taste of their OZ garden...

"There's no place like home the anitique rose emporium, there's no place like home the anitique rose emporium." I'm clicking my ruby red slippers together
 but I really DON'T want to go home...yet.
I think we finally  bought some plants there,
 but it was almost an afterthought.
Touring acres and acres of beautiful gardens left me dizzy with new ideas.

The gardens are free to the public with absolutely NO pressure to buy antique roses. I think's that why I liked the people so much.
Well, that's a big dose of inspiration for your gardening weekend.
Hope you get outside.


  1. David, I love the Antique Rose Emporium for the very reasons you have stated. I believe every garden needs a little whimsy and they have got it in spades…NO PUN INTENDED. When I visit the Emporium, I always want to add more fun and humor to my own garden. This spring I’ve got a few ideas of my own brewing; your post has encouraged me to make them happen. Thank you!

  2. How fun! And some great ideas for recycling. Love the cat, and the flower girl and the flower boy. Looks like some one here is very creative. And it also looks like a beautiful place to visit! Think I'll be planning a trip soon!

  3. That is some good garden humor.
    One of these days, I'm going to finally get to the Antique Rose Emporium....

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love your post...only hope I'll have the chance to visit in person someday.

  5. LOL! I love the cemeteries! LOL! It is the genealogist meets the gardener in me. LOL! Doesn't that just get you when you see something so cute as these are and wonder why you didn't think of that.I have learned that I have no imagination or talent but when I see something cute I think "I can make that". The cat is so cute. I have looked for a bed frame to make a flowerbed but everyone around here buys them up faster than I can get to them. I have not seen most of these you saw before and they are so fun. Thanks for the fun posting it made me laugh.

  6. Is this in Houston? I've been to Brenham & San Antonio, which are also delightful (though not quite so humorous!).

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      It's from the one in Independence,Texas just north of Brenham.
      I wish we had one in Houston. That's a great idea and I could work for them!!!!

  7. I needed a smile and this post was perfect. The pot cemetery is too funny!! :o)

  8. Thanks for sharing! Sure brought a smile to my face. Which ideas are you bringing into your garden?

    1. Since I specialize in breaking pottery, I'll go with the grave humor first. It will be in the backyard until I get the nerve to put one in my front yard.

  9. So envious! What an awesome place to be able to visit. I love the bed in the middle of the flower patch, and the pottery cemetery 'cracked' me up as well! Fun, fun.

  10. I really must get myself a proper flower bed!

  11. Fantastic! So much's delightful! I love the red cat and the cemetery is to die for (hahahha!) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow! You have a great imagination! I'm really thinking of "stealing" some of your ideas and making them real in my own garden!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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