Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know it's not a beautiful scene, but I am filled with wonder. It's hard to describe my joy at this temperature reading....almost 130 degrees on a 50 degree day! The is a Winter Compost Pile so this is an amazing temp. Happy Gardening and Happy Wordless Wednesday.

Visit Alicia at http://weloveiowa.blogspot.com/ to see the rest of the collection. Thanks, Alicia, for your great photo blog and for hosting. It's thundering and pouring down rain tonight...a sweet sound during a drought.   :0) David (just checked...we got 1.50" of rain tonight)

NOT SO WORDLESS EXPLANATION:  If you have never made a compost pile from dead leaves and such, you may not understand what's going on in the picture. To get this temperature, you have to have just the right amount of oxygen mixed with water and "throw aways" in a 30:1 carbon to nitrogen mix. This can happen under the right conditions in the summer, but it's tricky at best in the winter. The first photo I took didn't show up because of all the steam coming from the pile when I dug a hole in it! It's a gardener's dream to get high numbers in compost since it kills all the bad guys like diseases, weed seeds, etc. Whew! I'll try to be wordless next week with a simpler photo. LOL! :0)


  1. I'd say!
    Enjoy your sweet storm!
    Happy WW!

  2. My mother in law would be very impressed! She is making compost in her cellar. I will have to send her a link to your blog. Happy Wordless Wednesday! CAndace

  3. although I do compost...sort of...and realize that is a great temp, especially in the winter...and love the idea of it 'cooking', I have never taken my pile's temp.

  4. Congratulations! You are a master composter! My compost pile has probably never heated up, not even in the peak of summer. Oh, I feel so guilty now.....like I should try harder.

  5. You have a gift. I wouldn't know the first thing about composting. But, bravo! And thanks for stopping by. Happy WW!


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