Friday, January 21, 2011

KEEPING TRACK OF WEATHER: Last Date of Killing Frost for Hobby Airport Houston Texas (Past 5 Years)

I couldn't find this information very easily, so thought I'd post it for those interested.
Hobby airport is the home of the southern and hence warmer weather station here. Central Houston would be a little cooler and Intercontinental on the north side even cooler with later dates.
2010...February 25  
had a low of 32, then no further freezes

2009...January 29
 had a low of 32, then no further freezes

2008...January 3
had a low of 32, then no further freezes...almost a year without a freeze!

2007...February 16
 had a low 29, then no further freezes

2006...February 12
 had a low of 30, then no further freezes

Latest freeze in recent history...We had a killing frost on April 4th and 5th that killed my vegetable garden in 1985. I had not thought a freeze in April  possible. I gave up my vegetable garden that year for many reasons including that untimely frost.
Rare snow in December 2010


  1. I would be shocked to get an April frost here in Austin. I can't imagine that Houston had one! Let's hope that doesn't happen again. I usually feel I'm in the clear by the beginning of March.

  2. Thanks for finding that information. Our predicted date per the USDA is February 15th. Living in between zones 8 and 9, though, I don't let myself relax until the end of February.


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