Thursday, October 14, 2010


Long hours at school are making it hard to get out in the garden...even with near perfect weather here in Houston. Here's what's blooming now even though I'm mostly a shade garden. To see the whole collection, visit our host Carol at MayDreamsGarden. She's over on my sidebar favorites. Viva la Flora!
                     Pinecone Shrimp Plant                                           

The blackfoot daisy wins the prize for longevity of bloom. Solid all summer!

This one is unusual. It is an aluminum plant in bloom. I've used aluminum plant for a number of years as a landscape foliage plant in zone 9.  It's drought tolerant to a degree and root hardy.

I'll be back for Foliage Followup on the 16th. Here's a little window into that post.
Pecan leaves on our Norfolk Island Pine.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Gardening!


  1. Lots of great blooms ... how terrific to see the tiny flowers on the Aluminium plant. I look forward to that sight on mine every year. I think the Daisy is my favourite ... I can't resist a beautiful white flower.

  2. My greggi(the first pic) is doing well. Can that tolerate shade? Mine is doing alright although I just put it in the ground. How much sun does yours get?

  3. My Mistflower (1st purple bloom) gets a large dose of sun in midday, but still needs more. It is a 9 on the Flop-O-Meter (out of 10). It crawls more than it grows! Still, the butterflies love it so I prop it up the best I can.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  4. David, The shrimp Plant was one of the first houseplants I tried~I was a college student and I'm afraid it was a bit neglected! I have a plant eating cat~so we don't have in door plants anymore~Mistflower is a perennial fav of mine! gail

  5. Hi! Wonderful blooms. I'm not familiar with most of them though.

  6. aloha,

    what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers and that hot zinnia flower, nice :)

    thanks for sharing that with us

  7. What is the top plant with the purple/blue coloring? They look just like this plant I have growing randomly on my ranch.

  8. Hi Amber,
    It's called Mistflower. The Latin name is Eupatorium greggii and it is native to the SW United States. It's also called boneset. Butterflies can't seem to stay from it.
    It's probably on your ranch.
    David/Tropical Texana

  9. Liking the blooms, but its the foliage of the aluminum plant that really caught my eye. Might have to consider that one.

  10. You have beautiful blooms for the middle of October. Although I'm just a bit north of you, my blooms are pretty sparse this Bloom Day, so I am envious.

  11. That aluminum plant is fabulous!

  12. I think I grew an aluminum plant like yours as a houseplant over 30 years ago.

    Most of your foliage in the more recent post was unfamiliar to me, but I see some familiar blooms. Is bloodflower a perennial in Texas? Mine is on a second flush of blooms in a wash tub. It's an annual here in Nebraska.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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