Monday, January 31, 2011


This is my second entry in the world famous Epiphyte Day hosted by Steve over at Rainforest Garden.
Hang around for awhile and you'll see some cool entries in this emerging group at

This is a Neoregelia called Olens Vulcan x 696 x Concentrica. It was $8.00 and already mounted when I bought it at our Houston Bromeliad Society sale.  The x's  mean that it is a hybrid cross and someone has been busy since there are 3 parents listed. The unusual 696 part in the middle is probably a seedling number. This usually means that the person is a very serious hybridizer and has many years of experience. I've bought a number of seedlings from this person and they are all wonderful plants. I love this plant because it came back from a terrible freeze last winter. This is fairly rare for Neoregelias.


  1. I love the placement! I've been buying bromeliads from Gainesville's bromeliad society for the last three years, and I always know that their broms are the cold hardiest since they take their zone 8b winters. Concentrica hybrids seem to be pretty tough ones... have you tried neoregelia spectabilis, or painted fingernail bromeliad?

  2. Oh yes, Neoregelia spectabilis or Painted Fingernail bromeliad is my number 1 landscaping bromeliad since it can take temps in the 20s and recover quickly.
    David/Tropical Texana/ Houston

  3. I hope it does well again in the cold weather that you're having this year! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Stay warm! Candace

  4. If it's cold here, what's it doing there? This is horrible! I think we may have lost a lot of good plants here today.:(

  5. What a great epiphyte. And for $8.00 what a amazing deal! I didn't know they were so cold hardy!


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