Saturday, September 11, 2010


The hot weather just drifts along in a seemingly endless pattern of heat and humidity. No relief and September is 1/3 over. So...there's only one thing to do: plant zinnias.  I think of zinnias as early summer flowers and was actually excited to see them for sale this time of year. They love heat and some varieties are tolerant of humidity.
These are the very short variety and will bloom until it gets cold...which is currently beyond my imagination.
                                                 Is this bright enough? :-) Whoa!
                                                       The petals have a light peach tone in the white.
                                                  Another bright color to liven up the day

.                                Half the fun of buying a variety pack is waiting for new colors.

                                                 There are still some surprises in the bunch.
                                               I'll close with a closeup of the Porter Weed I just bought.
                                              It is quickly soaring to the top of my favorite's list.


  1. Soon very soon the cool air will be here:)Very beautiful flowers! I have yet to try a zinnia.

  2. Such a reliable plant for summer over here ... and there's such great colours!

  3. Zinnias are a good flower for spring through fall here. I re-sow them mid-July for the fall. Yours are very pretty colors. A nice pick me up for September. You are going to have baby porterweed popping up all over your spring garden. they are wonderful butterfly attractors.

  4. Zinnias are great for color and they are one of my favorite, unfortunate they are also the favorite of the snails my garden


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