Thursday, August 12, 2010


One common theme of all of my friends in blogland is a growing lack of interest in a traditional lawn.  Here are some shade grasses in my garden growing near paths. They take no care and give the garden a cool feeling. Since it's been near 98 degrees all week, I'll stare at anything to keep me cool.
This cutie stays about 8 inches tall in clumps. It looks best as a single cluster near stones. Our cats love to eat it. Grows all summer no matter how hot or dry. It's in the grass family.
The bright green grass (really a sedge) grows as a clump. It's very fine and feathery foliage looks good by garden paths. This one grows near the contrasting dark green monkey grass. I love this little sedge.

And this is my favorite. My blog friend over at a Growing Obsession has a wonderful  post about a similar looking sedge. However, this is a native grass with unusual pleated leaves and a blue-green color. Sadly, it is not evergreen, but an annual favorite.
I let these die down each fall so that they can set seed and spread. All 3 have willingly obliged us and are spreading nicely.
If you want to start some native grasses in your yard:
1)leave some small bare spots
2) feed birds in this area
3) water the area during dry spells
Thanks to Cindy at My Corner of Katy for the wonderful Three for Thursday format. It's catching on like native grasses! :-)

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