Sunday, October 14, 2012


As a math teacher, I pay attention to numbers. So today, when my blog counter got reset to zero, I had to do a bit of soul searching. I can never judge how good I'm doing with my daily tasks. But not so with blogging; the numbers tell the story. So now my charts are thrown overboard by a computer glitch. Do I head back to shore? Do I keep sailing? Do I look up at the stars? a math teacher this will be an adjustment. I always say it's about the friendships, the plants, and the experiences that weave a garden story. So if you are out there reading this, thanks for stopping by! I'm waving back at you in the dark. :0)
October always brings the lovely blooms of Four O'Clocks. Here are the 3 colors I grow.

The light shifts dramatically in October and the blooms start to fade. There are a few Zinnias left up front.

While the front turns shady, the opposite is true in the backyard. Light pours in from the south and blooms start to appear. Here we see the native Goldenrod and Mexican Firespike in front of a Chinese fan palm.

The low angles of Autumn light play games with the shadows. Here's an Aspidistra leaf with a painting of silhouettes.

As the flowers fade the bold shapes and colors of the Agaves take the garden into its winter wardrobe.

Here's a dog's eye view of the same scene.

Well, that's it for now. For more fine flowers, please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.
She's on my sidebar favorites (unless that got erased by Blogger as well)
We must maintain our humor.


  1. Same happen to me... I feel the pain.
    I love your blog, thanks for sharing and inspire me.

  2. Lovely four o'clocks and the backyard looks so lush!

  3. This is shocking. What in the world has happened? Our regular counters are fine.....but on the blogger, stats were at 0! The blog is running fine but I'm with you on the stats bit. It is interesting data to look at. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I know I watched my stats do some interesting things today too. Maybe they'll some how restore everything over the next few days? (I know, but a girl can hope!).

    Love the agaves, as always.

  5. The appearance of seasonal flowers herald each new season and renewal. This is interesting and different, unlike in the tropics where constancy prevails.

  6. Your garden looks so lovely David, I especially like the third photo where the light filters through the fan palm.

    Keep blogging, readers like us enjoy your posts :)

  7. Love the last shot the best. I hadn't given a lot of thought about how the sun plays with the blooms, but I'm going to look at my garden with a different perspective now. I think Blogger must have reset itself. My stats bounced to zero for a while, too. Made me worried the whole blog might disappear like it did once before! But thankfully everything seems to be back in working order now.

  8. Oh yes, definitely about the friendships and plants! I was noticing the changing light today as I went through the photos I've taken over the last week. Love this fall light!! Happy GBBD!

  9. Lovely photos!
    My Four O'Clocks did not do well this year.
    I don't think they are getting enough sun.
    Maybe I should move them.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  10. Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. I love your garden and your blog's style. Will be following as of today.

  11. The 3rd and last shot - wow. Looks subtle yet bold (Livistonia palm, agaves)

  12. I've had various issues with Blogger in the past, but thankfully they've all been resolved. (In my last little skirmish with Blogger, my whole website was down!) I hope they fix the problem for you!

    Loving the agaves in your garden - they really stand out!

  13. Nice Agaves I love your garden it looks great.

  14. Lovely post...I actually NEVER look at those stats, I admit...although, since the "follower" count is in my sidebar, I always see it...and if it goes down, it almost ruins my day!


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