Monday, June 4, 2012


A nice little drive west of Houston will land you in the quaint little city of Columbus, Texas. Nestled amongst hundreds of ancient live oaks, one can find a city of gardens. My wife jokingly said I was trying to pick out a place to retire. Maybe secretly she's right.
A number of people in Columbus show off their fine antique cars along the streets each Saturday.

It's hard to get past these massive live oaks, but this home has a delightful garden.

View from another angle.

Another spledid home. The garden was in the back and had to be a full acre in size!

A quaint bungalow garden with my favorite style of picket fence.

This charming home had the finest plantings of marigolds I'd ever seen. Most people I know don't plant marigolds because of the insect damage. But this gardener must have a secret.

This was my favorite~a wildflower bungalow garden. I saw a number homes with wildflowers in yards. People were careful to mow around them since they were still in bloom.

My hometown is near Columbus and my dad had this surprise waiting for me.
It's a baby bottletree! Thanks, dad. I hope it grows into a big one. I'll be sure and water it.

This is my dad at our home place. I planted this garden back when I was in high school. It's nice to see it's still doing well after all this time.
So that's it for now. Hope you can enjoy a gardening road trip of your own.
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  1. And are you planning to retire soon? How nice to see a part of where you grew up. Seeing your surroundings it isn't much of a surprise that you fell in love with plants. Gardening since high school! I'm impressed. I can only hope my kids are the same. We force them to unplug on an almost daily basis and they enjoy themselves once all is said and done but I wish the time will soon come then they do it of their own volition.

  2. Thanks for the "road trip" and loved the baby bottle tree. Mine is bigger than yours! Jack


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