Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love April 1st!

April Fool's Day usually gets me in a lot of trouble. I wonder why?
It's something to PONDer.

I wonder what the birds will think of their new birdbath this evening. BOO!

In the meantime, will I rue the day I bought this plant?

Or will I be able to curry favor with more people now?

Lastly, I think my new bottle tree has suffered transplant shock.
I hope I haven't killed it.
Wait, I see a new leaf.
Maybe it will live.
Happy ApRiL FoOL's DaY!



  1. I can'r believe how many people 'celebrate' April Fool's day. Where have I been hiding. You got me on the bottle tree!

  2. Oh David! Your blog is always good for a laugh. I LOVE it!

  3. Love the April Fools post!! The face in the pond is classic!

  4. LOL! He kind of reminds me of Potato Head David. LOL! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Just finding your blog David and I am smitten...I can see why you might get into trouble! :) Cute post...

  6. I bet the birds will wonder about the 'lady in the lake'! I almost bought some rue today, but didn't. I'll be interested in hearing how yours does. The sentence that turned me against was the one that said it was very irritating to skin. Wear gloves!

  7. Funny, just darn funny. Love your humor.

  8. You must keep your family in stitches all the time. Ralph the butterfly says "hi".

  9. How funny.

    I've tried rue a couple times. It didn't do too well.
    It's a pretty plant, though.

    Glad the bottle tree looks like it's going to make it.

  10. Ha - LOVED your fountain face. So creative! BTW, if your bottle tree is a bottle brush don't worry about killing it, I had one once that I couldn't even curb, let alone kill!!!

  11. I wish I could watch the birds as they fly in for a drink of water. Too funny!

  12. As usual, I laughed out loud!! LOVE the face in the pond! Rue is the host food for several species of swallowtail butterflies. I grow a lot of it. :o)

  13. Love the face in the pond, and the bottle tree budding out!

  14. :) Excellent art face. I love April as well.....the plants look so much better again:)

  15. A very belated happy April Fool's Day. I love that face. Did you create it or did it just happen by chance :-)?


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