Saturday, April 28, 2012


Our plans to visit the zoo today fell through, so I just went out in the garden instead. Here there be MoNsTeRs!
I'll bet your garden has some as well.
Hmmm, wonder who's inside this little pouch?
This is a camphor tree.

It's the caterpillar of the Spicebush swallowtail. It doesn't even hide most days since it looks so much like bird poop. No bird wants to bother investigating any closer. But, if it does...

Yes, dragons do exist. Here's one in my garden. This is what the Spicebush caterpillar looks like head on.

 The adult Spicebush floated by as I was standing over the host plant! They love camphor trees and will visit any garden that has one.

  I think I'll name him SPIKE! Ouch!
I believe this is the caterpillar of the American Painted Lady, Vanessa virginiensis. This one is on a Helichrysum.

Jurassic park meets Tropical Texana. Weird new fronds from the Sago palm (cycad) sets the stage for MONSTER #3.

...and weird blooms from the Aloe saponaria add to the suspense.

This little guy loves the front stonewall. I just hope I don't mistake him for a green bean!
They're ready to pick.

"That's not funny!"

Here's our mother raccoon on the back porch last night. Because of the reflective coating in many nocturnal animals, the eyes glow in camera shots. She looks like a monster, but she's ok and we like her.

Do you have any monsters in your garden?


  1. OOOOO…Nice Monster Shots! I especially like caterpillars. The most destructive monster in my garden of late is snails. I usually feel live and let live, but a snail can make you reconsider!

  2. No monsters yet, though something has been cleaning out the bird feeders every night.

  3. Hi David, I can see why the birds avoid the caterpillar of the Spicebush swallowtail. That's a face only a mother could love! I am not sure my monsters are generally as exotic looking as yours, but we do have racoons. One particular racoon has been breaking into our green bin on a regular basis despite the fact that our garbage is locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I was especially impressed when he/she pulled the green bin, which must have weighed 60 lbs, out of the storage box and dragged it several feet, before cracking it open like a nut. That's one mighty little monster!

  4. Enjoyed that trip around your zoo, er sorry I mean your garden. Love your little 'monsters'.

  5. Oh, my...that first 'monster' is quite interesting. Looks like a snake head.
    Yes, we have many monsters here. Some we just have to live with...others will be dispatched whenever they're found.
    Such is the life of a gardener.
    Great shots, by the way.

  6. We have a few garden monsters here but not as exotic as yours :)

  7. Love your Monsters post!! Hehe, I have lots too.

  8. Cute post! We've got a few, caterpillars like you and one that I'm really excited about. An Easter screech owl couple has moved in and the male is roosting in my star jasmine on the patio! We've loved watching them. Haven't seen the babies yet but hope to in the next couple of weeks. There is a photo of the owl in the jasmine on my site if you're interested in seeing my monster!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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