Sunday, May 1, 2011

HEN HAPPENINGS: HOW TO MAKE A BROODER for your garden chickens

The garden chicks are doing well. They've outgrown their first cardboard box and now they are on the back porch. At night they still go in the inner box so as to keep them warm and safe. During the day, I take out the box. The chicks LOVE the extra room. They flap and chirp wildly and play chick games* when given the space. I've also found some superb straw along the bayou. The chicks love this straw. Everyone is happy.
                                          * one picks up a leaf and the others chase it....looks like chick rugby
The only benefit from the drought is the high quality straw and hay.

The brooder at night. The top is covered to prevent cats, raccoons, and stray dogs from viewing the chicks.

Inside the box everyone is enjoying the fresh straw. The night light attracts bugs, and so far they've caught and eaten beetles, moths, and leafhoppers. The 'enriched' straw will go in the compost and eventually in the flower beds.
We pick the chicks up and pet them everyday so that they will stay tame. Hoot (the brown one that looks like an owl) and Gwen (over on the far left) are now perching on my open hand and don't immediately jump off. You should always talk to your chicks to get them used to your voice.
I'll post another in the series in a week or two.
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