Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Neoregelia hoehneana is a small, really cute bromeliad that seems to leap out of its pot every growing season. This little guy has places to go and the means to get there. It's like a green Neo. Fireball, but grows even faster! The stolons are very long and for this reason, if hung in some tree branches, can really add some tropical flavor to your garden. One of its cultivars goes by the highly descriptive name "Daddy long legs" due to its long stolons.
N. hoehneana is not cold-hardy, so bring it in in the winter when frosts are in the forecast. I got a single plant  for $8.00 at the Houston Bromeliad Society sale two years ago. As you can see by the pictures, the plant LOVES to grow. Isn't that nice?!
To visit this month's collection, visit our cool host Steve over at Rainforest Garden in sunny Florida. Here's the link

 For those interested in Bromeliads, here's the latest info from the Bromeliad Society. It's a very nice plant sale with hundreds of bromeliads that are time-tested to grow and succeed in this region. Have fun! :-)
If you've never been to Mercer Arboretum here in Houston, YOU MUST GO! It contains the largest collection of plants in this area of the state.


  1. ooh! I had read about that sale but I couldn't find any info on this year's sale. Thanks for the info, I'm THERE!

  2. I have never grown any bromeliads...they do look tropical.
    Will have to find a spot for a couple!

  3. I am looking Neoregelia hoehneana,Neo.tigrina,andNeo.ampullacea if you have extras ,I am willing to purchase please contact me my email address is thank you

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    Thanks for helpful post for us.


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