Friday, December 17, 2010


Our older son planting sunflowers in 2004.


I was teaching the other day when one of the children looked up and asked, "What is hiking?"
I was a bit shocked since our family has hiked in many of the state parks here in Texas, along with mountains in Colorado and even in North Carolina. Fortunately, this was a student just learning English and he was not sure of the meaning of this new word.
But it made me jump to this question that might be asked in the near future- "Teacher, what is gardening?"  
And this time the student knows English. They just have never gardened.  I learned gardening from my grandmother and from my parents. My children have learned the joys and tribulations of gardening from me. But will there ever be a time when a classroom of children will imagine gardening as this 'thing' people did long ago? I sure hope not.
Here's to all the grandparents out there that have taken time to garden with their grandchildren. My hats off to you! :0) David/ Tropical Texana


  1. Enjoyed your blog, especially that header photo! And I'm glad to see you all are getting some fall colors in Houston (heading there to visit the family in a few days). It's so interesting to hear how many people got their love of gardening from parents or grandparents. But what about those of us who didn't get it from any family members? I've never figured out how it became so important to me but maybe there's a gene there somewhere. :-)

  2. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for writing. Yes, it is very interesting how people start loving the idea of gardening. It is probably a genetic trait in all of us, but lies dormant until the right moment. Judging from your garden blog, your green thumb gene is very much alive and flourishing. :0) David

  3. LOL, We are at our son and daughter in law's house, and my husband's side of the family is here. Some have left, and the rest of us are getting ready to. Just as I started to read this, a sister in law was talking about a time the brother in law who lives in Colorado took them hiking and they got so out of breath.

    We went to Larry's aunt's funeral a couple hours away Thursday. I asked one of her granddaughters if she'd inherited Grandma's gardening gene, and she said she likes to grow tomatoes.

    Well, I think we're getting ready to go now. It's been a good Christmas here. I hope yours is, too.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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