Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Gail at Clay and Limestone features Wildflower Wednesday so that Garden Bloggers can post their monthly wildflowers. I'm down to one or two in bloom with these roadside asters winning the prize for longest lasting Fall flower. It's fun to explore a wild garden like the one we have because there are always surprises. After the asters, you can take a peek. Thanks for visiting Tropical Texana where it is a humid 83 degrees when it should be only in the 60s. Whew! Where's the cool weather?
                                               These little roadside asters come up every year as volunteers.
                                                     Aster seeds ready to catch the wind.
                                           Virginia Creeper... a native with nice colors.
                                           Virginia Creeper will hold on for dear life.  Aren't these neato?
                                   Of course, don't let this vine climb up the side of your house!
                                  Some cool fungi that I found while raking leaves.
                                   The last of the Monarchs are making their way to Mexico. 
                                 This one is on Porterweed...not a native, but still blooming!
                                 There was some Aesclepius near by, but it would not pose on the native.
                                    Happy Wildflower Wednesday. :0) David


  1. Heehee...Glad you posted the non-native porterweed anyway...that's a great shot! Love those asters! Texas has the most awesome wildflowers, I think. Though supposedly, we have these asters as well. I just have never seen any. Oh, Virginia Creeper, the bane of my existence. But I'll say no more on that subject. They are looking pretty in that fall color right now.

  2. Monarchs and flowers seems very exotic right now, we have snow and -2°C and there is colder weather on it's way, unusual in november even here up north.
    all the best!

  3. I forgot to see if Gail was still doing Wildflower Wednesday this month. I enjoyed your post. It was nice to see a monarch, since they are long gone from Nebraska.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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