Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well, I'll start by saying I've just finished reading about 20 minutes worth of websites telling about the toxicity of cycad roots and seeds in regards to dogs eating them. If you have a dog, I guess you should pass on this post. However, my grandmother grew cycads for 20 some odd years and the dogs never seemed to even notice, let alone eat the seeds or chew on the roots. Many, many of our garden plants have leaves that are toxic to some extent, so I'd recommend not eating them. 'Nuf said. Thanks to Cindy from My Corner of Katy for the 3 for Thursday idea. Her wonderful garden blog is on my sidebar favorites. Now, on to the plants.....
Cycas revoluta ~ Sago Palm. Very easy to grow in both a shady spot or even full sun.

Zamia pumila ~ Coontie cycad.  Has much smaller, and softer leaves. Grows in dappled shade. These are growing in  well-drained soil that's a bit on the sandy side. It's a very pretty little plant for borders.

Zamia furfuracea ~ Cardboard Palm. These go dormant in the winter and you'd swear they were dead. But this one survived 21 degree temps and came back with a fine set of leaves. This cycad can take a shot of direct sunlight as long as you keep it watered.
We have only cats and no small children or dogs. Please be careful with plant choices if you have dogs, small children, or other pets that chew on leaves.
The only plant I've ever been tempted to try is Dieffenbachia since it's famous for numbing your mouth.
I just put a little on my lip and it immediately went numb. No wonder it's called Dumb Cane. Oh...and don't try it. Thanks! ;0)

That's it from Tropical Texana. :-)

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  1. I'll get my Three for Thursday post up in a minute ... thanks for joining me! I'm still chuckling over your experimenting with the Dieffenbachia. Readers, don't try this at home!


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