Friday, September 17, 2010


For Cindy at My Corner of Katy.
Out of sheer luck, I think I found your mystery flower. This is from a wonderful book, Wildflowers of Houston and Southeast Texas by J. Tveten    

It's attractive to butterflies! :-)

If you have a pond with tadpoles, you'll love this: our new toads are out and about. I still am amazed at how
small they are. And so...cute!

After all the attention, this little guy was ready to go back to the garden.
I have 7 ponds and water containers, so we get toads every year.
I have one toad  each year that stays on our front porch and catches bugs attracted to the light.


  1. Thank you, David! You nailed it! I'm delighted to hear it's attractive to butterflies. I will do more research on it and scatter the seeds where the plants will do well.

    I love my toads ... when I catch movement on the ground out of the corner of my eye, I know a toad is nearby.

  2. The tiniest toad in your hand looks like a Gulf Coast Toad, though I'd have to hear him to tell! My Boston Terrier get's a few of them each summer, comes inside foaming at the mouth...literally.

  3. That toad is adorable! Normally we have thousands of treefrogs and other such amphibians by now, but the drought has kept them from mating. I can't wait to hear those deafening mating calls again and to find sticky green frogs scattered all over my plants!


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