Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have long wanted to add a tropical looking roof to the chicken coop. This is not bamboo, but a reed screen that I cut in half. I used one inch runners and screws to attach it to the boards underneath.
Thank goodness my brother stayed an extra day to help. I'd also like to report to the world that chickens are some of the most curious creatures on Earth! Phoebe is a barred plymouth rock. She 'talked' the entire time.
"What's this, what's this?", she said.

We slid the entire roof up a low angled extension ladder. We tied it off when we got it to the top.
This used to be a play fort for our children, so there were already brackets to attach to.

The reed construction was my own idea. That's a rare glimpse of me at the top.

We got it up just in time. Precious rains were moving in from the west. I'm pointing to where we are located.
I'm painting the hen house a shade of green and adding little windows next holiday. After that, I'll take a photo when it is done.
Thank-you, Gary, for your hard work.

And thanks, Dad, for feeding the chickens!
David/ :-)


  1. What a great idea! Phoebe really does look curious.

  2. I love it! Of course now you realize the chickens will expect piña coladas...

  3. David, your project looks great!
    I am also reforming, my chicken coop and I can say that chickens are very curious!

  4. Looks like the start of a family tradition. Or a new reality show, Tropical Chic..

  5. That is a big chicken coop! I'm sure your chickens will love all that space and cover especially when the rains come.

    My father keeps fighting cocks but they are housed individually in shelters made of wood and nipa palm.

  6. This is awesome! Of course the chickens want a stylish roof.

    I have a cuckoo maran who looks a lot like your barred rock. She is always up in my business whenever I'm gardening. She's the curiousest.

  7. Your new coop roof looks great. Fits perfectly with Tropical Texana.


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