Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've just finished bringing in plants, covering plants, and putting plants on the back porch this week due to freeze warnings. I live on the Texas coast and just far enough north to get freezes every winter. I had thought with an entire year of abnormally hot weather, that perhaps the trend would carry through the 3 winter months. I would finally have a dream come true. With a bit warmer winters I would not have to worry about frosts.
Our last 2 winters have had temperatures in the low 20s and now I'm wondering if yet again we will have a bad winter. Where did all the heat go? WINTER SEEMS TO HAVE NO MEMORY OF  SUMMER. 
If the past drought and heat from the last two years were caused by global warming, then all we get is global extremes. Now gardeners get to fight the heat and the cold...and the drought. Good thing we don't give up easily.
"The Mad Gardener" Here's how I feel this week with frost warnings! It's too early!

Time to drag the plants indoors. I couldn't bear to watch these get freeze burn...the foliage is too nice.

Manger scene with aloes. These aloes would freeze outdoors. Now they are part of Christmas. :-)
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  1. Yes, the extremes at both ends of the spectrum of climate change are no fun, but as you say, we gardeners won't give up. We'll have to put up with more plant losses, substitute favored plants, or go to more trouble during those extremes. Your mad nutcracker guy looks like me this summer!

    I don't know much about house plants - bad cats! I love the almost totally yellow one. What is that? Yours all look good, but that one is absolutely striking!

  2. Well, look at it this way. You get to see your plants a lot more when the weather is too chilly to linger outside :) Global warming? Hmmm...think I'll go with Genesis 8:22. Enjoy your "indoor" plants!

  3. I have stumbled onto your blog! Its great to see tropical fans all have the same concerns at this time of the year. Here in the UK we have had a very mild Autumn so far but have the most tender plants inside now and a few others ready to be moved as soon as needed.

  4. Hi Sandy,
    I don't know what it would take for me to give up gardening....I've even been through a hurricane with this garden.
    The yellow plant in front is a Neoregelia bromeliad. It was on sale at a food store for $9.00 and it had no label. I grow many bromeliads and I must say this one is still probably my very favorite. Glad you like it.
    David/ :-)

  5. Genesis 8:22
    "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
    King James Bible

    That's a nice verse. Thanks for sending it my way. David/ :-)

  6. I prefer to think of it as "climate change" rather than global warming, that way I don't feel cheated.

    As for your aloe christmas scene it just isn't a true danger garden christmas without an agave or two in the mix why not aloes!

  7. Love the new header photo! (It's probably not that new since I've been remiss in keeping up w/reading blogs.) It did make it down to freezing here one morning this week. Was that Monday or Tuesday? I can't remember but there was ice in the birdbaths so I know the temps really did drop that low. A few of the frost tender plants are scorched, too.


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