Monday, January 23, 2012


Just when you THINK no one could possibly top your own crazy garden ideas, somebody comes up with things like this. So, what about it? Is it too much? Are you going try some of these yourself? Do we care what the neighbors think? Do you have any old shoes? What?!? 

My wife and I were out walking in the neighborhood when I spotted this garden.
I like it.
 It speaks to me.

It says, 'Here I am!'

A whole new twist to minimalist gardening. But, hey, no water bill and the lawn mowing's a cinch!

Here's another garden. Succulents never had it so good!

I feel like going to the resale shop and buying some kid's sandals....right NOW!
Too cute.

                                Howdy plants! Welcome to my boots!
                                 Talk about solving the 'needs well-drained soil' equation.
I need to meet these gardeners. I like the way they think. In fact,
I'm going to find some of my wife's old high heel shoes and repurpose them this weekend. She won't mind, I'm sure. (Should I tell her first?) 

There, I behaved all through this post.
 I did not slip and say one pun about shoes. Ooops, slip..shoe. That was bad.
I need to tread lightly now. Ooops, there I go again.
I feel like a heel now.
 Oh my, I must shoe these thoughts out of my head. Ugh!
Bless my SOUL, I'm stopping now.
 Hope you got a KICK out this post.

Happy Growing and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great garden find! Those terracotta towers are so good I'm copying them asap. Too bad I threw out my old garden clogs when the duct tape around them quit working. What was I thinking?

  2. I'm not sure this is a "step" forward in garden design:) But it is unique and you definitely should meet the gardeners.:)

  3. I like those flower pot columns! I say reuse everthing you can to keep the dumps from filling up. I bet old cowboy boots would look even better than shoes!
    Great post!

  4. Aha, some ideas for my old wellies. I did a post not very long ago about Old wellies and called No 1. Then there is an expectation of a a series...
    A garden near us has Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men (they were a childrens Tv programme over here) made out of....guess what? flowerpots! I like the puns, David.

  5. I love them, especially the shoes, I wonder what the neighbours think though!

  6. lol, funny ;-)
    I don't do planted shoes in the garden, but the pot sculpture looks neat!

  7. Hilarious. Something I would think I would find in Austin, not Houston. Love it.

  8. I especially loved all your puns (LOL). I also really like the stacked pots...clever idea. The shoes are unique, too. I saved my daughter's colorful plastic garden boots from when she was young, so I'm going to put some succulents in them. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. Great, funny post, I enjoyed this garden and your post!

  10. My what a shoe garden. LOL! I have saw the shoes planted before but I think this was my first encounter with roller skates. The cowboy boots work well in your area. The pot pillars are new too. All they need is a bright touch of paint. LOL! A fun posting David.

  11. Those shoes are so fun! I bet it taught the dog not to chew on their shoes!

  12. Love those pots. They wouldn't last five minutes in my garden; my dog would have them down in no time.

  13. Awesome!!! My snobby HOA would have a heart attack over the rocks/pots combo but might not notice the fabulous shoes. I love gardeners who follow their own hearts instead of doing what's expected. :o) Great post!!

  14. I have a yard that was full of trash when the owners purchased it... Shoes, car parts, liquor bottles, and more old shoes.
    After gathering up all the old shoes and other assorted rubbish and having it hauled away, the owner purchased a ceramic piece of an old shoe as a reminder.
    After seeing this post, I suspect that the old shoes themselves could've been re-purposed.
    Bummer that we failed to consider the possibility... Imagine a specimen planting with a layer of old shoes serving as a mulch volcano...

  15. I love gardens with a sense of humor! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Too funny! I love when gardeners have a sense of humor. Why be boring and do the same thing everyone else is doing? And I love the plants in shoes! I've always loved seeing old boots made into planters. High heeled shoe planters would definitely make some sort of statement..

  17. Yes, I indeed got a kick out of the last was hillarious...great post. And, lovely ideas of using anything that goes to landfill and destroy environment to grow garden.

  18. Their breakfasts must be LACED with tequila!

  19. Dear David, You are too funny! I have to tell you I have actually seen shoe planters for sale at a garden center -- old boots and wellies. Maybe you and your neighbor should start a business. P.x

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