Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As I count down the last 10 days before my First Blog-A-Versary, I had time to pick my 10 favorite posts for this first year of blogging.
My favorite posts might seem a bit unusual....sorta like a lizard on our hummingbird feeder.
This guy loved to drink the sugar water and eat the ants!

1. An artist garden for June: I had NOTHING much in bloom due to a drought, so I had to improvise. Necessity is the mother of invention and the stones and flowers together were much cooler than I had imagined.

2. A Plea to Keep Things Wild: I still remember the morning I looked out and saw these blue flowers in my backyard. Seeing a UFO would have been less shocking.

3. Wildflower Beauties by the Bayou: What a surprise to see these amidst the tall grasses. We were with our friend Rita and she thought it was funny that I kept crawling around on the ground to take pictures!

4. Time to Post this Cartoon: What a nightmare. Google linked this with the outside world and I suddenly had huge daily hits. A Tropical Garden Blog famous for a Blizzard cartoon? I think not. I put it in mothballs for a couple of months.

5. A Screech Owl Two Steps Away: I'm still amazed this best wildlife memory of the past year.

6. Thoughts on Getting A Few Chickens for the Garden: It’s the best thing we’ve done in years. Chickens are so relaxing to be around…much cheaper than a therapist. Plus, you get fresh eggs and a comedy show every evening!

7. Original Haiku: Garden Muse Day: My garden friend, Carolyn, has a garden poem meme each month. I remember being so nervous when I posted this. Poetry was a stretch for me, but I took the plunge.

8. Tiny Satellite Dish: Oh yes! I remember the very moment I switched over to the new camera with the excellent macro feature. It took my breath away to see this photo. I thought,” Did I do that?”

9. Garden Emotions: Way Up, Way Down. I still hate this post, but I needed to do it. It was quite cathartic. This was the time I found a poor dove attacked by a hawk in my yard. It was almost dead, so I made it comfortable for its last hours in my garden.  Gardening is an emotional experience.

10. MY FIRST POST: Rain, Rain, Go Away! Oh, the irony of this post one year ago. Imagine 12 inches of rain in one month.

Thanks for stopping by and being part of my first year of blogging! I love visitors. David/ :-)


  1. Congratulations to you on your 1st year of blogging. More power to you!

  2. The title of your first post made me laugh. Last year on July 2nd I had a post with the same title. Happy blogaversary!


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