Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This will be the only time for so much sun in my shady garden, so the little wildflowers jump at the chance before the leafy canopy closes in from above. Of course, I'll appreciate all that shade when the temps hover around 95F !
These are tiny wildflowers, both native and and non-native that make their home at Tropical Texana. Since I have a wildlife garden as well, I figure some little insect appreciates the nectar.
To see some outstanding garden flowers popping up around the world, visit our host Carol at http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/. You'll be inspired!  Happy GBBD from down here in Texas! David :-)

We start out with Azalea 'Pride of Mobile'. It's not a wildflower, but its wild cousin grows in deep East Texas. The hard freeze last month did no damage, so all 3 of mine are putting on quite a show.

This is wild strawberry. It's one of my groundcovers. It behaves in shade, but can take over elsewhere.

This is Prairie Windflower....isn't that the best name for a wildflower?

This a tiny yellow clover that seems to think it wants to be my new lawn! After it blooms, it will get to enter my renewable resource program (nice way of saying compost pile).

Like many here in the South, I have fought this oxalis and lost the battle. I have made my peace with its ever spreading bulblets. What a pretty enemy, don't you think?

This native oxalis is called yellow wood sorrel. It is the well-behaved cousin. I like it so much more.

The trailing vetch has a tiny, but intricate bloom. VETCH is such an awful sounding word for a little plant. It sounds like someone is cursing. Example: Oh vetch, some weed is growing in those potted plants again!
It needs another name like Rambling Peavine.

I posted about this one already, but I just love these little violets. They are natives and all over my garden. I've even got some up in the rocky Agave beds. They seem to think that's OK even though I told them to stay in the woodland garden out back.
Well, that's the tour. If you find yourself crawling around on your hands and knees this week (hopefully in the garden, not at work), be on the lookout for tiny surprises. There might be a little wildflower waiting for you.
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston


  1. I have the oxalises, the violets, the vetch and others. If I didn't make peace with wildings, I'd be out there by lamplight grubbing 'weeds'

  2. Your wild flowers look happy and it feels like spring, from looking at your lovely photos.

  3. I love oxalis. I do have to mow it down where it grows in the lawn (stupid HOA) but where it grows in little nooks and crannies I leave it.

  4. A beautiful set of photos. Thank you.

  5. That azalea appears to be covered in blooms - bet its quite eye-catching.

  6. Lovely, dainty little flowers. The photo of the Prarie windflower is really excellent. I enjoyed your post--thank you.

  7. The oxalis can stay, the vetch has to go. It strangles out plants in my garden. Thanks goodness it's easy to pull. Happy bloom day to your native wildflowers-except that vetch.

  8. Great photography! I keep thinking that even though some are weeds, they are so pretty. Love your azalea, too.

  9. I am always amazed by your title...you do such a great job with that for all the seasons....I love the reindeer for winter....and now this for spring....excellent:)You have flowers....I have peach, apricot,and nectarine blossoms....I'm hoping for flowers soon:) I just have to say that I am so glad spring is really here....all that I thought was lost is coming back again.....and it looks like you have a lot to look forward to in your garden. I am glad the warmth is here to stay....and there is promise of warm rain this weekend. Bring it on!!!! What are you new plans for the summer garden? Any new experiments? Spring break is almost here for us so I look forward to getting out of town for a few days. Take care.

  10. I totally agree about vetch! The word almost sounds like an upchuck reflex. We should petition that it be named something pretty and dainty instead!!!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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