Monday, February 14, 2011


I found my first little bloom today and it's an old friend.  Really, you say?  Well, it is because it's such an easy little guy to control. It's fancy name is Stellaria media and it's scary name is CHICKWEED!  Chickweed looks like it has 10 petals when in fact it has 5 deeply lobed petals.  There's more at the bottom of the post and yes, chicks like to eat it...hence the name.  To see more macros, visit Lisa at . :0)
Do you see the green star?

Actual size compared to a pencil.

Other facts: native to Europe, very fragile root system so it's easy to pull up, cannot take heat or drought, edible (I'll try some tomorrow!) and filled with Vitamin C, a late Winter groundcover here in South Texas, seeds can stay dormant for 25 to 40 years, can be fed to chicks, described by Linneaus long ago.
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  1. Chickweed is an old nemesis of The Head Gardener here at Wit's End ... she's most concerned about you now that she's heard you call it friend!

  2. Cindy....
    If I had all that great sunshine in my garden like you have, then I'd have a very different persective. LOL
    So..I'm guessing you DON'T want me to post it as part of my GBBD collection for this month. ha ha
    See, I do have limits to how much I like the stuff.
    Happy Growing. David :-)

  3. Gosh, so this is chickweed! As a Brit, I'm confused because I thought something else was chickweed. Oh, well, I guess that's why botanical names are useful!

  4. what a pretty little "weed"?! You will have to let us know how it tastes. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me recently and for your good wishes. I'm feeling better and trying to play catch up. Have a wonderful week, Candace


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