Sunday, March 13, 2011


This little geranium pops up occasionally in my shady garden. It has a beautiful, deeply incised leaf and the flower, when magnified is stunning. It surprised me when I finally viewed one up close. Wild geraniums can be pink, white, blue, and even dark red.
The Latin name for this one is Geranium pusillum and its common name is Small-flowered Cranesbill. The best image I could find to confirm this was from a wonderful botanical garden blog in...RUSSIA! So how did this little guy get in my garden and gardens all across the U.S.? Visit our wonderful host Lisa to see other mysteries at . It's a fun group!
By the way, our garden variety Geraniums aren't in the Geranium family! David/ Tropical Texana

The little bee or fly is extremely tiny...measured in millimeters!

Here's the leaf and actual size.
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  1. I have those too. I always loved the shape of the leaves.

  2. Good morning David....your pretty little geranium is very similar to our native cranesbill....herb robert. I have many dotted around my garden and consider them a wonderful gift.

    Of course, please use the quote from Francis are welcome to use anything from my blog, just let me know that you are doing so.

    Have a good week and thanks so much for dropping by......

  3. It's just so, so tiny! What a stunning little thing ... there's a lot to be said for macro shots!

  4. Ooohh! I meant to say I love your new springtime header ... beautiful azaleas.

  5. That one photo of the blossom and the tiny bee is outstanding!!!

    My Macro Link: Sand Dollars and Sea Drift Seeds

    Hope you can visit; have a glorious day!!

  6. Wow so tiny and beautiful. I have never seen so small geraniums.

  7. Fabulous macro and the second shot shows are tiny these flowers really are!

  8. That little fellow is extremely small!


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