Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pam over at Digging invites gardeners to post foliage from their gardens the 16th of each month and The Lazy Shady Gardener over in Austin gave us view of his winter warriors that are down but not out.

I'm doing the same. Here are some of the ugliest photos you'll ever see on this blog. Will they survive? Or is this the end of the trail?  As the famous singer Enya tells us, "Only Time Will Tell."
Visit Pam over on my sidebar favorites to see other foliage with perhaps less carnage from winter winds.
#1 Good News: The Chinese Fan Palms can stand 24 degrees, but not 21.

 The Giant Bird of Paradise will come back, but it MUST have a mild winter or it will fade away. The pygmy palms are gone and I'm not trying them a 3rd time. They can't stand much below 28 degrees.
 This confederate rose agave was covered by 3 layers of towels. It will survive and regrow quickly.
 This Agave desmettiana is probably gone for good. The others are in the greenhouse. 32 degrees will damage this plant.
 This bed of agaves looks untouched from the hard freezes. I like these plants a lot. All were left uncovered!
 Ironically, these Bromeliads go by the name "Happy Thoughts". Not so Happy, are they? They'll recover slowly.
 My precious Monstera deliciosa. Oh well, the books say that it's root hardy in zone 9. We shall see.
This is the saddest case. I had one towel left over and it was already dark. I could not recall which plant needed covering and I had covered about 15. It was this agave...Agave geminiflora. I think it will grow back, but isn't it a slow grower? I'm a bit depressed right now just looking at the thing.

 And finally, a lit bit of art.  This cardboard palm will recover. The Giant Monkey Grass knows no fear of cold.
 My wife looked out the back window last weekend and announced that the circus was in town. I told her no, it was a gypsy caravan passing through.   Will I need the towels again? Only Time Will Tell!
At least the cat's happy. Thanks for stopping by unTropical Texana. I'll be Tropical again once we hit 80 degrees. Today it was 74 and it's been mild all week.
David/ Houston Texas :0)


  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Actually it's very educational to see which plants will die back and at what temperatures. I lost my desmettianas last year and now keep a couple in pots that I brought in and out this winter. I hope winter is over at this point. Here's to spring!

  2. I am *finally* washing all of my blankets and sheets and towels, as we have a great forecast to carry us through the winter here in CenFla. I'm gonna have to try a cardboard palm. I don't know why I thought they were too tender for my garden. Love the look of 'em. Hoping all returns well for you....

  3. I somehow feel guilty for the cold weather you in the south have experienced, like we sent it your way from Nebraska. We're supposed to have that weather, not you. It got up to 70 today, but I have a virus of some kind, and did not have the energy to plant lettuce. I did sit on the porch a few minutes. I took a nap, and now, I'm having trouble sleeping.

    I hope everything recovers. I like the colors of your blankets and towels.

    I see you are following my blog now. Thanks!

  4. My Agave geminiflora is probably history. I lost a lot of succulents ... my own danged fault for not covering them in time. Everywhere I look I see dead or damaged foliage. I believe I'll add more evergreens this spring so I won't feel so depressed this time next year!

  5. My monstera is root hardy here in zone 9! It recovered slowly in the dry summer after last winter, but even after this freeze its STILL recovering! BTW your agave desmettiana looks just like mine.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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