Saturday, July 12, 2014


My wife and I suddenly have lots more sun in our yard and garden.
My first thought was, "Yippee...more agaves and a bigger cottage garden."
Her first thought was, " we can have a lawn again."
The new sunny spot waiting for a lawn

I've done every summer project except this one. I'm stalling and she knows it.
"When are you going to plant grass?" is a daily question.
"Grass, you say?" Hmmm...she did use the word grass, not lawn. I start to think about it like a botanist.
There are many different types of grasses out there. Why settle for that same old boring St. Augustine stuff.
And then I found just what I wanted....a yard filled with bunny tail grass!
I love this species of Pennisetum but haven't a clue as to its real name.
The bunny tail grass is located in front of an abandoned home. While this cute bungalow is waiting for demolition (like so many in our neighborhood), Mother Nature gets to have one last fling. She gets to grow whatever she wants.
We found the bunny tail lawn (notice how I've included the correct terminology now) while on a bike ride. I told my wife to bike on home while I took some closeups. 
It's so magical...and...
so fuzzy...just like a bunny tail.
After awhile, I just couldn't resist; I simply had to pet some of the little bunny tails.
And then it happened...
A couple of the bunny tails filled with seeds snapped off in my hand. 
Not wanting to litter, I put them in my pocket and biked home.
When I got home, some of the seed heads ACCIDENTALLY fell right on that bare spot of land.
I'm so clumsy! Ooooops!
I'll probably forget about them until next Spring. 
By then, I'm hoping my wife will fall prey to their charm.
If I get away with it and get to keep that little patch of bunny tails, I'm moving the chair right smack in the middle. Then I'll let my whole family take turns sitting there while the bunny tails tickle their legs.
They'll  be in such a good mood that they'll forget to ask me to mow the lawn!
And I already have a family member that's on my side. It seems our cat is already enjoying this little clump. I don't know why cats love to eat grass, but our cat Binky loves this particular species.
All for now.
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  1. Sweet bunny tails and kitty friends! Good luck with the grass patch. Of course, the reason they eat so much grass from the yard is so that they can up-chuck it later, preferably on carpet or other hard-to-clean place. Don't tell me you didn't know that, David! :0)

  2. I'm with you, as my inner botanist thinks outside the box on "grass". Is that Pennisetum x 'Little Bunnies'? Seems different, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!

    1. It's not the clumping version that they sell as P. x 'little bunny' or P. x 'bunny tails'. But this wild version looks like a kissing cousin. So.... perhaps I should name it " wild bunny tails" !
      I'd love to know the species, but it would take a specialist in wild grasses...something I'm not.
      Keep cool out there in El Paso.
      :0) David

  3. Don't worry, I'll act very surprised when you end up with a lovely patch of bunny tail grass for a lawn next spring ;)


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