Saturday, June 7, 2014


I often wonder what would happen if I replaced all my lawn with gravel.
For starters, I know my wife would kill me.
But also I know my front yard would be a lot more interesting.
It always amazes me that plants can grown in gravel (or in sidewalk cracks).
Here's a view from the gravel garden today.

A view from the edge of the gravel. Zinnias, pink skullcap, and Mexican feather grass  play among the rocks.
The whole enchilada.
I let this native dill weed grow anywhere it wants.
Here's why. Dill plays host to one of our beautiful swallowtail butterflies. This is a black swallowtail caterpillar and it's on the dill. (I'm 90% sure...any experts out there can help me out on this one)
Out native Dichondra looks nifty in gravel.
I give Zinnia maritima 'Solcito' all the nice soil it can manage.
But instead, where does it want to grow? In between rocks in a garden path and in the gravel.
I'll have to transplant them soon or they'll get stepped on.
Walker's low catmint it happy on the edge of the gravel bed.
Pink skullcap is a native that is super easy to grow. It loves full sun and sharp drainage.
This little spurge is considered a pesky weed by most.
I pull them up as they get bigger. But as a baby, it looks so cute.
Finally, I want to end with this photo of the cows right next to my elementary school.
I have been reassigned to my original campus and will no longer get to drive by the cows each morning.
Since I was raised on a ranch, this scene brings back fond memories of my childhood.
That's it for today. Hope you liked the gravel garden.
Happy Gardening!


  1. Love, love your gravel garden. The texture, the colours and the foliage are all fabulous. You've created a lovely area there. My favourite plant is definitely that gorgeous Skullcap. How wonderful that the Dill attracts those Swallowtail caterpillars. That makes keeping the Dill a terrific idea.

  2. A lovely series of shots. I want to rip out our driveway and put in gravel, but hubs says no way! We've had some beautiful swallowtails in the yard this week.

  3. The gravel garden looks good.
    Lots of things like to grow in gravel...whether we want them or

  4. Your gravel garden is wonderful! Reassigned? Sounds like a hassle! We've had a lot of that going on in my district, too. Love that skullcap. Is that scutellaria or a betony?

  5. Namaste David,
    I've always enjoyed your posts and since you're 'thinking' to replace a part of your garden with gravels .. I ask you .. to please .. not do it! We've our driveway done in gravels when we first bought this old house and I can't say enough .. it's really very, very difficult to clear the weeds out of the gravels and it kept on growing all over the place and we can hardly see the gravels now .. and it will be the 5th year here. It has given me lots of aches on my fingers in trying to pull out the weeds and at last, I've given up on the gravels. let the weeds grow ... and have been weed whacking it instead. Even then, it isn't safe to weed whack as the gravels get whacked too and it hit my legs. Hope that this feedback will help you make the right decision for you and your family. Sending bright Reiki blessings your way - Agnes

  6. Your gravel garden looks great! I love the second picture! great combination.
    Always amazes me, as some plants grow happily in the gravel ... have in common some plants like Nepeta racemosa oh! is incredible! in my garden grows on sand! is so hard ...
    And Pink skullcap is really beautiful, looks like some Salvias, should I seek!

  7. Very pretty! That skullcap is gorgeous! I wonder if plants grow so well in gravel because it tends to shade the roots while reflecting sunlight back on the leaves? My neighbor is actually allergic to bark mulch, so she grows everything in gravel, and it is lovely. I do prefer the woodsy character of regular mulch for my garden, though!

  8. gravel works for me also. I especially like decomposed granite but alas I can't pruchase it in Kansas. I am however using limestone screenings which pack very well for walkways throught the garden.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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