Saturday, September 14, 2013


Anyone getting cooler weather yet?
So far it's the middle of September and we haven't had a HINT of cooler weather.
I feel like I live in Miami, Florida.

I'm also tired of the DROUGHT and all the hideous red areas on the drought monitor.
So for fun I changed the colors to GREEN. Ah, that's better! :0)

I'm also tired of the burnt plants (which I will move to shade...long story).
I changed them into art. I still feel no better about almost dead plants. But at least Andy Warhol would be proud. 
What's much harder to photoshop is the current heat wave.

The important thing to notice are those little numbers down in the lower left hand corner.
94.1 and 74.7.
When you average them together you get...
84.4 degrees Fahrenheit
Photoshop version of the current heat wave numbers. 
It's a bird. It's plane. It's super drought! Ugh!

Again, that 84.4 is not very interesting until you look at the TOP TEN HOTTEST chart below:

Now we're cooking...literally. If you hone in on that bright red column, you can see the current record for the last 123 years of  Septembers is 83.4! 
Hopefully, the endless highs of 95s and lows of 75s won't be endless.
But for right now it simply means that I water my poor garden for an hour every day just to keep it alive!!! Ugh!
84.4  as of September 12th.

And maybe someday it will actually rain again.
the always hopeful gardener.


  1. I have lost a number of "drought-tolerant" plants this year. The losses seem to be worse than 2011 since the garden was just recovering from that bad year. I am making more changes to the garden to make it easier to get through summers like this.

    1. Me too. I'm really sad, but another set of plants are not making it anymore no matter how much I water them. This is now the second round of drought tolerant plants that I'm losing.

  2. I hope your blog name "Tropical Texana" isn't prophetic, turning you into a near-tropical place like Miami...summer = March to Nov? Great stats and images, but I like how you change them into something more positive!

  3. Yes, David I am tired of the heat too. If it weren't for our drip system and my hubbie faithfully helping me to few containers that aren't on the system yet, I would have a fired garden. We did get alot of rain here in Conroe, last weekend. Have a great day!

  4. I think maybe the losses are worse because people weren't going into this summer expecting or planning for a drought. The pond we're on is drying up....really don't want to see the water disappear entirely as I'm on a well and that will mean it is going to be even worse.

    I'd like a nice unnamed tropical depression.

  5. If we don't get some rain soon I think my garden is going to give up. We seem to be in a rain shadow here. Have had nothing appreciable in over 3 months. And yet the humidity is wicked. Surely we will get some this week. If we are going to live in a desert then at least let's behave like one.

  6. I can't even express how over the heat and drought I am. I am not in despair about it like I was in 2011, but I'm close. I see dead trees everywhere. Our lakes in Austin are at 30% full. I'm just clinging to the promise of fall and hoping for some rain. All we can do is keep hoping and planting more and more drought-tolerant plants.

  7. Yes, the heat and drought are terrible. It has been hard to garden because of the heat. I feel really bad for the people of Colorado, but I think they got our rain. We could handle 10 inches.

  8. Sorry to hear about your dreadful summer. It's so odd how the weather is reacting. A bit of a distance to the east of you here in Florida, and we had more rainfall and milder temps (when I say mild - i'm talking low 90's) this past summer that we've had in a long time. The rain has dried up now and I am hoping for the humidity to break soon. I'm ready to get back out in the garden.

  9. Looking at your stats, I feel guilty complaining about our summer. Our usually intense summer heat stayed at bay until a month or so ago when we started cooking but, still, we've not had the ongoing extremes you've been faced with. We've had zero rain since winter ended but that's unfortunately not unusual. Even by bankrupting ourselves with irrigation expenses, the plant losses continue...

  10. I am SOOOO sick of it! The temperatures are finally getting a little cooler, which is helping to save some plants, but where, where, where is the rain? I hope you're getting some from the hurricane that is now hitting Mexico.

  11. 80% chance of rain today but I am wondering if Katy will once again be passed over. We got .52 inches of rain yesterday. More would be welcome. Maybe if we make a date for you to pick up plants from me after school today, it will bring the rain?

  12. It's been dry here for the last 2 months, too, but we've been much cooler than normal. What's been really odd is that we haven't had a single tropical storm or hurricane make landfall to send us summer storms. Here's hoping for a wet winter.


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