Monday, February 11, 2013


Rather than buying refugee plants in a myriad of colors, I actually have a PLAN for this year's cottage garden.
The foundation colors will be lavender, blue, and purple along with silver and gray foliage plants making up the bulk of the foliage.
I REALLY like these combinations and plan to use them throughout the cottage area.
At times Mother Nature smiles and provides both the lavender and the silver foliage on the same plant. This is one of the few lavender plants that can withstand Houston's high humidity. I would gladly buy more if I could find them. And the foliage smells delightful.
Buddleia is another great plant. This variety has some gray green foliage. It does not usually grow well here, but this one doesn't know it's in Houston.
This is Blue Hill Salvia and it will definitely be welcomed back.
I am finding that the Salvias are a world unto themselves and that there are actually Salvia websites and collectors. I can see why, judging from the couple that I've grown. They are delightful!
Ruellias grow wild here and pop up in odd places. Isn't it nice when your weeds are the right color? LOL
Blue Daze loves heat more than most flowers and can even grow amidst rocks. They do great here in the South.
There's that silver Lavender with a lime green coleus. The delicate light blues of a plumbago are in the foreground.
I'm dropping the reds this year, but using yellows as an accent color. More on that later.
This an older variety of lime green coleus that can take a bit of sun. It contrasts nicely with dark greens and blue flowers.
I have always enjoyed coleus even as a kid back in the 70s!
Finally, I must rave about Lantana 'Fruity Pebbles'.
Just get it for the name!
It's an upright Lantana and the stems are not as scratchy as our native L. horrida.
I use it as a background plant.

Well, that's it for today. I'll show you some of the yellow and gold flowers next time.
Happy Growing!
Our native horsemint  (Monarda) will also be back if it reseeds!


  1. Funny thing is, although I already know (from previous posts) that you like deeply blue (and deeply beautiful) Morning Glory . . . I find it hard to associate these colours with a hot climate. It makes sense that you would like these cooler colours but I've got this weird sense that hot places favour hot colours. You mention choosing the right varieties - and I will be interested, at the end of the year, to hear how they've done. Seeing familiars like buddleia and lavender . . . it's all rather strange!

  2. Ruellias grow wild all over here, too. And, I love them. I'm excited about your plan for your garden and the colors you want to do. Can't wait to get to see it all. Please do show us when the time is right!

  3. Some prostrate rosemary (or any rosemary, really) would look great in there too!

  4. That will be a pretty garden David, I look forward to seeing it grow in.

  5. Love all your choices. And putting them into a collage shows how well they go together, and how colorful and beautiful your garden will be. Maybe one day I'll be able to stick to a plan! It's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Can't wait to see your cottage garden as I love them.

  7. Now I'm going GAGA over all the lavender, blue, and purple along with silver and grey foliage in your garden.
    Most of them are common and sun lovers in my region - its just a pity that my garden is very much of a shade condition.
    Love the colour combination you put here. They seemed so much like a rock garden theme.

  8. We share quite a few plants. Will try blue daze if I see it again here, did not know it was so heat tolerant. I am a coleus addict!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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