Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is the first in a series of different bottle styles for our bottle tree.
This month: classic blue with a twist....these are all small bottles.

Psychological Profile for this Bottle Tree:
1) Fits in Factor:   Excellent, blue always looks nice in a green garden.
2) What Will the Neighbors Think Index: Ranges from 1(we hate it) to an 8(we can get used to it...maybe)
3) Ease of getting the bottlesRanges from very difficult to very easy (if you drink blue bottles of beer)
4) Staring at it after a hard day Index10...Blue will calm you down after a hard day. Grab a chair and stare!
The rarest blue bottles on the tree are these antiquated bromoseltzer bottles from my mom's collection.

Also hard to find are old Milk of Magnesia bottles and Alkaseltzer bottles. These are also from my mom's collection from long ago.

Not all of the bottles this month are antiques.
Did you know they make a blue beer bottle? I'm not much on drinking, but one of my friends found out what I was making and they were only too eager to help out. LOL
A friend of a friend drank this for me. I have no idea what it is, but the bottle is nice.
I found this one along the side of the road.
There are 28 small & medium blue bottles in all.
Most are these small antique bottles. I have no idea where my mom got them.
It's a nice type of bottle tree and since mine is actually a limb off a tree, it can't hold the weight of blue wine bottles.
That's it for this month's bottle tree. Classic blue makes a nice bottle tree and gives the garden excitement but with a lot of coolness as well.
 Next month I'll have an unusual surprise for you.
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  1. Very cool combination, love those old blue bottles.

  2. You have given me a good idea for my own garden. Love this. Blue does really look so nice in a green garden. Love those two tiny bottles in your first photo.

  3. I always sort of had the idea to decorate a piece of nature with something man made, but I wanted it to glisten and look unique. You've achieved this sir... Anymore pictures?

    -Oscar Valencia

  4. I really like your natural shaped bottle tree.


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