Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The violent storms that were forecast for last night did not materialize. But it did get me wondering what I should do with the chickens during a hurricane or tornado. What did they do on the Wizard of Oz?
I think they just let them fend for themselves. I'm not sure Phoebe, Zeebee, Gwen, and Hoot would appreciate that particular idea. 

See the Wizard of Oz chickens here:

There are many stories about farm animals being picked up by tornadoes. The chicken being plucked by a tornado is probably not true. It was perhaps molting when the storm hit.

A few years back, the hen house went through the 100 mph winds of Hurricane Ike with no damage. Maybe I should join the chickens rather than stay in the house? :-)

Gwen seems alert to the rains and wind but maintains her always calm disposition. She's always 'talking' to me about what's on her mind. She's a beautiful Australorp...a breed from Australia. Would YOU just let her fly off in a tornado? No way!

Here's the POST-IKE part of the coop. I'd need to put a set of 20 bricks on the runner boards to keep things from blowing away.
(Yes, the leaves ARE falling)

My wife bought this pretty feather piece for her hair. Since keeping chickens, I've suddenly started noticing this type of jewelry.
But I asked the wrong question.
I asked, "Was it anyone we knew?" LOL
Thanks for stopping by~ David :-)


  1. Then I hope you get nothing more than 100 mph winds because I don't think there is much you can do if a tornado passes over. In that case you had better hope that your chickens can fly. I would think a cow is not as heavy as a car and you know what happens to them. Every time I read your chicken post I get seriously envious, as you know.

  2. Ha! Your question is funny but, I do like the feather hair jewelry. Your hen is gorgeous. What a set of feathers!!

  3. Perhaps they are so low to the ground, they get passed over? I like your wife's jewelry. I wonder what the chickens think about it!

  4. Hurricane force winds have not been a problem for us, but we did evacuate with our chickens during the labor day fires in Bastrop. All was well for us... and I hope any future hurricanes find you safe as well. 100 mph is pretty impressive.


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