Sunday, December 25, 2011


Happy Macro Monday! As a boy, I thought chickens only came in white. That's all anybody had out in our county. But amazingly, chickens come in a beautiful variety of colors and sizes.
This feather is from Hoot, our Easter Egger chicken that lays teal green eggs.

Here's an assortment from our 5 chickens.

We don't have a Partridge in a Pear Tree, but this certainly would be a beautiful bird for a garden.
Speaking of which, I'll be going to my first poultry show in College Station, Texas on January 7th.
I'll see all types of chickens and take pictures for you at the Brazos Valley Poultry event.

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Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Great macro of the feather. I too love the amazing variety of feathers that chickens have.

  2. Feathers are fascinating aren't they. Love how the little bits zip and unzip to keep the feather whole.

  3. Wow! you've managed to get so much detail from the feathers with your camera. Well done :)
    From Alissa@look.find.inspire

  4. Pretty feathers! Have a great time at the poultry show! Maybe you'll even see a partridge there!

  5. That pretty picture of the feathers!
    The poultry show, sounds very interesting!!

  6. really like the first photograph, and your collection of five feathers is special to have

  7. Beautiful macro shot!
    That brings back memories - we had chickens when I was a kid. We played with the feathers, making up all kinds of pretend games with them!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful feathers.

  8. Who knew chickens could be so pretty! We had the plain ol' vanilla variety when I was a kid. I'd sure love to have some now, but do not have a good spot to keep them and I'm afraid it would be a constant battle to keep critters out.


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