Monday, October 3, 2011


We got our first eggs this week and they are beautiful. Dr. Seuss made GREEN EGGS famous by way of a children's book. But thanks to the Easteregger and the Ameuracana variety from South America, blue (and green) chicken eggs exist.
I couldn't find a carton that said small, green eggs! LOL

Hoot has layed 4 green eggs in one week!

Chickens love fresh greens besides their regular diet. This makes all the difference in the taste!
That's Hoot in the front. Eastereggers carry a blue gene that gives rise to blue, green, pink, and even white eggs from this type of chicken.

Now, would you like to see something funny? I left the lid off the feed bin and guess what?

This is Phoebe; a chicken with personality. She'll tell me all about her day when we sit on the back porch.
She'll also walk right into our house if the backdoor is left open. Phoebe is a beautiful barred Plymouth Rock.
The black and white bands help them to hide from hawks.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
David/ :-)


  1. I am so envious of you for being able to keep chickens. I do have a friend who brings in his eggs and there are always green ones among them. They are quite small but tasty. We love to have a boiled egg in an egg cup for breakfast.

  2. I've been thinking about getting some chickens here in Galveston. Done some "research" and trying to decide if I have the time to commit to taking care of them - or at least a commitment from friends/neighbors to look after them while we're off island.

    Where did you get your birds? Did you start with chicks or pullets? Thanks for your post. GG

  3. I've always taken 'green eggs' to mean ones which have gone off and thought it very sensible not to like them!

    Your picture - I had this problem when I began to use Windows 7 instead of XP. It drove me up the wall. I don't know how one is supposed to solve it but I have found if I put the picture onto Photoshop and frame it as if to crop it (ie crop it without cropping anything from it!) and save it with a new name, the computer gets the message that the way you want it really is the way you want it and puts it on your blog the right way round.

  4. I am enjoying your chickens.....
    glad you had a bit of rain.
    I have begun a rain dance for my gardens. It is too dry!

  5. What good girls! I have one easter egger who is molting right now. I miss those green eggs. Phoebe is just beautiful, too.


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