Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Flush of Fall Flowers After a One Inch Rain!

The desert blooms after a rain. And since we seem to be in an endless cycle of aridity, a number of flowers jumped at the chance to bloom after our recent 3 days of rain. Sadly, the heat and drought are back...until the next rain. For now, we enjoy the flowers.
28 flowers on this Setcreasea were in bloom yesterday morning. A new record for Tropical Texana!

They ramble all over the place and I love it!

This orange Justicia is also blooming at a record pace.

The blackfoot daisy went dormant during the heat, but now is back. I really like this plant!

I worked hard to keep this purple lantana alive and it has paid off. It's sweeping over the agaves in waves.

...and waves. Our car lights were fixed on it one night and we saw a garden fairy moth going from flower to flower. Nice to know that it's a pollen source for that elusive creature.

Of course, the agaves have enjoyed the rain as well and they have had a nice summer...probably the only plants that can say such a thing.
That's it from Tropical Texana.

Special note: I've changed the wallpaper on my website thanks to a lead from my friend over in Miami.  If you use blogger, it's free and they have some really nice ones.
I was happy to find one that matched my style.  I'm just amazed how something as simple as a background can change the whole feel of a garden blog. Hope you like it.

Thanks for visiting.
David/ :-)


  1. I love the new background, David! It shows off your photos very well. That is such great news that you got some rain. I know that must have been such a blessing for y'all!!

  2. Great news all around! Flowers and a new background. :D

  3. I do like the green wallpaper. It compliments your blog nicely. It is discouraging that the drought is still remaining in Texas. Your lantana looks beautiful - that entire area looks great.

  4. Isn't it crazy what a little rain can do? Glad you have so many beautiful blooms- I think everything was ready to go- just needed a little nudge. My mom said you all have been getting some rain off and on (you are in Houston right?) Happy for you all. They say we might get some end of this week with 88 degrees over the weekend. One can dream.... I like the wallpaper change. I agree, give a nice feel.

  5. We just got a lot of rain today!!! The mosquitos are bad but everything looks so good. Rain+cooler temps=happy plants.

  6. We've got setcreasea here in our rock garden...but, I've never been able to get such a good photo of the flowers. Very nice!! The blackfoot daisy is very pretty. Your garden is looking great! Nice wallpaper.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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