Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was my first day back at school. Usually after a long day at work, I'm eager to get home and see the garden. But this drought wears on endlessly and there's nothing pretty to look at except the birds. So how did I catch this wild dove? Scroll down to find out.

Here's the little guy in my enclosed hen house waiting for me to arrive home!
It wasn't upset, just a bit confused....sorta like the song Welcome to the Hotel California..."you can enter but you can never leave".

After I went inside the chicken run, the dove flew to the ground and the hens started chasing the doves and I started chasing the hens.
I'm sure to a bystander it was quite amusing.
The dove is now free, but here's the question: will I find the same dove in the hen house tomorrow?

I put bird seed out for doves, but apparently the chicken feed is better tasting.
David/ Tropical Texana/ :-)


  1. I'll bet you run straight to the hen house when you get home! WIll there be disappointment if he isn't there, I wonder. I found a fresh fox poop this morning. I'm kind of happy he is still visiting although I hope it isn't just to go to the toilet.

  2. Chicken feed is always better tasting:) The drought on the other hand leaves a sour taste in my mouth as well:( Chris Las Aventuras


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