Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tonight's my favorite FULL moon. I recall fond memories as a boy. I'd open the bedroom windows and watch the clouds float past and view the moonbeam garden outside the window.  The crickets and night sounds of Spring would lull me to sleep.
Yes, this is my favorite full moon.
Nowdays, we get to have our windows open here in Texas, but not too long.
By May, the A/C units come on and the windows are shut in response to our constant  battle against torrid conditions. It was 88 degrees in Austin yesterday and 80 here. I actually perspired a bit (not expired!) while gardening yesterday. Oh boy.

The March Full Moon is the Worm Moon
(Not very romantic sounding)


January ~ Wolf Moon
February ~ Snow Moon
March ~ Worm Moon
April ~ Pink Moon
May ~ Flower Moon
June ~ Strawberry Moon
July ~  Buck Moon
August ~ Sturgeon Moon
September ~  Corn Moon
October ~ Harvest Moon
November ~  Beaver Moon
December ~ Cold Moon or Long Nights Moon

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  1. I am discovering that there are all these crazy names for the moon....tonight I am going to a ridge and snap several shots with the desert background.....I'm hoping it will work out. If I focus on the moon, I'll get clear pics, but when there are other plants, the moon appears like a bright white light so with it being larger....hopefully there will be some detail. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Last night was supposed to have been a supermoon. Unfortunately, I only read about it in this morning's newspaper and was unable to see it for myself. Big moon because the moon is supposed to have been extremely close to the earth.

  3. You only just started sweating yesterday?! Seriously, listing the moon names is interesting. I wonder if the moon in April will be pink! I had a hard time sleeping last night the moon was so bright. I could have closed the curtains, but I like to wake by the sun's rays shining in.


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