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Before I get too far into blogging and while I still feel NEW at it, I wanted to record my misconceptions on blogging. I've been observing Garden Blogs for about a year now and writing one for about 7 months.  I love statistics since I'm a former Math Teacher, so after crunching some numbers I've come up with this UN-scientific survey.

By the way, I failed my own test...that's why I made it. READY? Oh, and your findings might be quite different from mine which makes it all the more interesting. Tell me in a comment. Thanks.

QUESTION #1: TRUE or FALSE     During the winter when everything is dormant and the garden is BROWN, garden bloggers take a break and don't post.

Answer:  False!  This still amazes me and there are many reasons for it. I was thinking it would be TRUE.

QUESTION #2: TRUE or FALSE     Garden bloggers never post anything about their failures since this would not be very interesting to other gardeners.

Answer: False again!  In fact, most garden bloggers are very honest about both the good and bad happening in their garden. We all learn from one another in this regard.

QUESTION #3: TRUE or FALSE    Northern garden bloggers have no interest in sourthern gardens and vice versa.

Answer: FALSE!  I wasn't sure about this one when I started, but I have found that the love of gardening is universal and goes way beyond geographical boundaries and climates. Plus, most of us are just plain curious.
 I follow many northern blogs and love to see what's going on.

QUESTION #4: TRUE or FALSE.   Austin is the Garden Blog Capital of Texas.

Answer: TRUE!  I thought most of the cities in Texas would be about equal in this area, but according to my count, Austin has more garden blogs than just about anywhere.  I'd love to see more from San Antonio, Brownsville, McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Galveston Island since I'm a tropical gardener.

QUESTION #5: TRUE or FALSE.  Out of the first 500 comments left at Tropical Texana, I have only had to delete one for improper content.

Answer: TRUE.  And this one wasn't even bad. It was just a nursery trying to advertise their plants via a comment.
I have found that gardeners are very nice to each other and want to be helpful. Hey, life's hard enough without one more worry, right?

QUESTON #6: TRUE or FALSE. After seeing all the wonderful garden blogs out there, I should probably not start a new garden blog since everything has already been said and shown.

Answer: FALSE. Every garden and gardener is so unique and this is such a wonderful community of support and encouragement, it would always be nice to have additions.  Plus, many towns and areas don't have a single garden blog and you would be the first! My boyhood town and its county here in Texas has a population of 50,000 and I'm still hoping someone will start a garden blog from that region soon. I've not found a single one so far. Boo hoo.
Plus,  it is a fun way to keep a record of your garden.

LAST ONE....QUESTION #7:  Labels in the label box are not important.

FALSE. In fact, it is vital you put some type of label so that search engines can find the topic.  And not all sets of words generate the same number of searches. If you'd like other gardeners to find out about the information you've posted, always put a couple of labels. If you know the scientific name for a plant, put that as well since this helps people worldwide in their search for information. If you have a certain plant that you collect, add the word 'collection' and this will help. :0)

So, how did you do?  I missed all of them.  LOL
Thanks for visiting and Happy Gardening. David/


  1. What a fun little quiz! I would love to see more garden blogs from my own region too.

  2. Labels/tags are where I fall down on the job!

  3. Great quiz! I got them all except the last. Never even thought to use labels. Guess that's something I need to think about.

  4. I'm not a blogger myself, But I do love visiting blogs about gardening.
    Could there any be too many blogs with the subject gardening? I doubt that. Every one does his/her gardening a little different and sharing those tips and tricks or advices is always for the benefit of the community of people, passionate to gardening. I only can encourage you to keep going with your blog and you just gained a new reader.
    I live in Spring, TX, just north of Houston but besides of being interested in Texas gardening, I also love to read about gardening in other zones than ours.

    Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  5. Hi, David,
    My friend, Shirley H. (you were in school with her son, Matt) visited with your Dad & he told her about your blog, which she passed on to me. You went to school with my son, Brian N., also. David, your website is simply awesome! I'm loving it. Do you have pictures of your whole garden? Would love to see what all you have. Happy gardening. Patsy N.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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