Thursday, October 28, 2010

94 to 44 in TWO Days!

I've lived in Texas all my life, but I'm starting to wonder about the weather. They say if you don't like the weather here, just wait an hour!  No joke this week. Yesterday we hit a new record high of 94. And by Friday morning they are predicting 44 for the low.  That's a 50 degree change. 
I'm wondering if some of my plants will find that disturbing.

My days are really filled with schoolwork, but I'm hoping to visit every garden blog on my favorites list this weekend. I'm eager to see how everyone else is doing. I know there's a really bad storm up north and even snow in places!
All for now. Happy Gardening!
Two years ago on this day we were in New Braunfels, Texas celebrating our 25th anniversary.
It's a beautiful town with a wonderful German flavor.


  1. We experienced hot to cold weather in Louisiana too. We had a low of 48 last night and I love it!

  2. Well, Happy 27th Anniversary, David & Melanie!! We just have 90's here...well, I think, it'll be 80's temps in the 40's, thank goodness. That's crazy! Hope your plants don't experience shock.

  3. I love looking at the bar graph in our local newspaper that shows our temperature highs and lows for a week of days. Sometimes the line is really tall and we go from 85 to 45 (this is rare). Yesterdays was so short it almost wasn't even there. The spread? 54 to 50. Wow, four whole degrees.

    (happy anniversary!)

  4. Will be interesting to see if any of the plants suffer from temperature whiplash.

  5. Thanks for the comments and best wishes.
    I didn't even mention the humidity swings as well.....from 85% to 20%. I think that's the hardest part for some plants to handle. Most homes stay at 50% throughout a normal day.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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