Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I tried to work out in the front yard this morning, but was too upset. Why? Like the scene with the bulldozers in the movie 'Avatar', the same is happening to the bungalows in my neighborhood.
Bungalow Bashing

The crunching and grinding go on for an entire day. Imagine how unsettling
this would be in your neighborhood.  I always hope the guys have a very
ACCURATE map before they pick out the house. A new McMansion will be
up in a month. Such is progress. (That was the FATE part of the title)


These are NOT cute ferns. These are cute pests. I'm posting this for Cindy
at My Corner of Katy. Did you know there are two kinds of this weed?
The common one is over in the lower left. I have the pleasure of having the
long-stalked version as well. It's not quite as bad as the short one, but it's still double trouble.


 One of the reasons I keep the garden
natural (no poisons) is for the wildlife.
We have a cardinal family now
and junior is getting a snack from
good 'ol dad. I never realized how
attentative the male cardinal is to
the young. In fact, mom flew away
when she saw me in the window,
but dad ignored me for good reason.

Flora, fauna, and fate at Tropical Texana.


  1. Hi David! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm kind of new to blogging and I love meeting new bloggers! Now I'm also following your posts. Here's how I added the weather widget:

    Go to this website:

    1. Enter your zipcode, choose vertical layout, and choose theme (mine is lawn and garden).
    2. Click "Get the code"
    3. Right click on highlighted code and click "copy". You'll need this later (step 8).
    4. Now go to your blogger dashboard.
    5. Click on Design.
    6. On the right hand side, click on Add a Gadget.
    7. Select HTML Java Script by clicking the blue + sign.
    8. In the title section, type Weather Report. In the content section, paste the url that you copied from weather widget.
    9. Click save.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Wow! No wonder. I think my way involved 2 steps.
    Mmmm...I'll try again.

  3. David, are you sure there are 2 varieties of Gripeweed (that's the name I'm choosing to use because it expresses how I feel about it) or does it just grow differently in different locations? Whatever the answer, I hate hate hate loathe despise and hate it. (I'm not wild about demolition of charming bungalows to make room for McMansions, either!)


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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