Monday, July 26, 2010


This is a tough one for me, but I'll try. Noelle at AZPlantLady invites garden bloggers to design a monthly bouquet cut from your garden. My wife thought I was crazy when I suggested that I'd like to enter. And she's right...I garden under mostly shade with very few flowers. But what I lack in flowers I gain in foliage.
After the first arrangement was done, she kindly mentioned that there was a HOLE in one of the leaves and that the bottle looked a bit like a beer bottle. OK, time to tweak.

I also added some more purple to the arrangement and thought it was perfect. Of course I didn't notice that one of the back purple-ma-bobs had slipped down so that the symmetry was awash. Oh well, you can see much better arrangements at AZPlantLady.

Of course I gave my wife the arrangement afterwards and it's now on her desk. She loved it as is.
Hope it brightens your day as well.

Thanks for stopping by Tropical Texana. :-)
Crocrosmia, Peacocks gingers (Kaempfteria), Zebrina, Aluminum plant, small elf alocasia, loripetalum, giant liriope leaves, and common liriope bloom stalks. Note: do not count off for spelling, these were tough without looking at my garden books.


  1. Hello David,

    Your bouquet is just beautiful. I love bouquets that also feature foliage plants and your orange flowers are just perfect as the center of attention.

    I like your blog and the idea of totally going green in the garden. I don't think my husband would be willing to part with his gas lawnmower, but there is always hope. I am looking forward to reading about your gardening adventures.

    Thank you so much for participating and I hope your wife can expect more beautiful bouquets each month :-)

  2. I love the idea of garden bouquets. I never think of cutting my foliage or flowers and bringing them in the house. Your arrangement turned out great!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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