Monday, January 7, 2013


RED BLUE GREEN is on my mind today.
The original RED BLUE GREEN by minimalist painter Ellsworth Kelly.

Why RED BLUE GREEN is on my mind:

If our red...

turns to BLUE...

we will hopefully see a lot more GREEN here in this part of the country!

We don't want floods, but after two years of drought, it really would be nice to fill up the lakes around  this region of Texas!



  1. No droughts, no floods, just the right amount of blue :)

  2. I hear you, coming from your neighbor and a whole 5.71" of rain in '02. Best to "all y'all" getting that and more. But I hear about this SW mega-drought all of us, TX to AZ, may be going back into, after decades out of it...

  3. Yup, David, from your lips to God's ears. I am in Castroville just downstream from Medina Lake, which is now less than 9% capacity. So many people losing their livelihoods and homes, if their wells continue to go dry around the lake. Our farmers in this community may not be able to plant this spring without the lake to irrigate. We would need a catastrophic flooding event to fill it up again, so I pray for smaller events to get it filled a little at a time. I hope we get a good start tonite.

  4. I am ready for it! I agree, as long as that lake is full I can water my "babies". The drought has taken a terrible toll on our trees in the Lake Houston area as elsewhere in the region. Every week more are still dying. Rainy days can be happy days!

  5. I hope you're getting some of that rain they forecast! We are getting lots in the DFW area. The bulbs will be happy :-) In fact, I think the whole garden will be happy.

  6. Oh, I hope! For the entire state! We have received .43" so far today. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring much more!


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