Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yea! Just one more week of elementary school and we are free to enjoy the holidays! Here are the last of the falling leaves here in my garden. Let's see where they've ended up. :0)
Here's a single leaf in the yuccas.....

and more in the airplane plants....

...some land on the silvery sage

...and others nestle around the agaves

They blanket the monkey grass....

and gently coat the palm fronds....

They decorate the bromeliads...

and end up in the silliest places!

Now it's time to rake them up. Down here in the Deep South, leaves are like our snow. They turn the garden into a wonderland. The only difference....they don't melt!
Have a super day. David/:0)


  1. I'd rather have all those leaves than snow! Enjoy them :)

  2. Enjoy the beauty of fallen leaves while you can. They are photogenic but I'm also thinking of the work of cleaning up later :)

  3. I hate to have to dust the snow - I mean leaves - off of plants. I wish they would all just fall beautifully on the ground. Or better yet, the compost pile! ;) Although, I have to say, the way they decorate your plants is quite pretty!


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