Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Carol, at May Dreams Gardens, invites gardeners near and far to share what's blooming on the 15th of each month. Here in Houston, March is indeed a magical month where everything goes into hyperdrive to bloom and flourish before summer's unrelenting heat. Let's take a tour:
The blooms of our little Box Elder tree shimmer and wave like a green cascade. (It's a blur because they would never STOP moving in the night breeze)

This perennial morning glory (Impomea indica) is currently on trial. The verdict is still out on whether or not to let it grow on the fence or to stop it before it takes over the garden.

The 'Pride of Mobile' Azaleas enjoyed this past week's 5.50" of rain and are just about bloomed out.

I have many volunteer native Redbud trees and they are indeed the cheeriest harbinger's of Spring.

The star of the show has to be Pittisporum tobira. The hundreds of bloom clusters fill the air with the scent of honey.

It was easy to sneak up on this Red Admiral butterfly. It hardly cared that I was there. Four of them were flitting about playing butterfly games and lapping up nectar.

St. Patrick's Day is coming and these shamrocks are in full bloom to greet the Irish holiday.

Most of my garden is always shady, so it's nice to see these horseherbs and yellow Wood Sorrel blooming between the stones before the trees leaf out.

Finally, I'll show you the latest on my front project. It's 90% complete. It almost looks good enough for one of those gardening magazines. Now if I could just finish pulling the last of those pesky weeds.

Well, that's it. Hope Spring has Sprung in your part of the world or the rain has turned on in Australia's Autumn season. I haven't a clue what happens in South Africa this time of year, but wish you some happy gardening as well.
Happy (Magical) GBBD!


  1. The rain has been on in my corner of Oz for some time now, and we're getting heartily sick of it now. This is probably the last of our wet season though.

    Great blooms today. Your Pittosporum flowers are so lovely, and so are those Redbud blooms. Morning Glory can be a weed here if it's not contained, but that can be quite hard to do sometimes.

  2. Thanks for sharing these blooms, the first photo looks ethereal!

  3. A lovely selection of blooms, David, and you're right. That pittosporum is a scene stealer!

  4. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Love that pittosporum! And obviously, the butterflies do too! Shamrocks for St. Patrick's is perfect. And those cascades of your Box Elder are gorgeous. But the most exciting thing is the 90% completion of your front area! It's looking great! Love all those grays.

  6. My verdict is - Let the Impomea indica grow!! It is soo pretty! And I love the photo of the Box elder. I have one too in my garden and I LOVE that tree!

    In South Africa it is supposed to get cooler now - but we're having a heat wave! Crazy, crazy weather we are having. Autumn is usually a wonderful time here with mild temperatures and lovely weather ... it will come soon :)

  7. Lovely photo of your box elder. Isn't it annoying when plants just won't keep still ?

  8. You have some beautiful blooms there.
    And, I got names for two things I'd been wondering about here. The Red Admiral butterfly and the yellow wood sorrel.
    I love learning new things. Thanks.
    Happy Bloomday.

  9. I LOVE your planting of the silver agaves and purple flowers... I think some little pink dianthus would look fab there if they will thrive in TX.

    So nice to see your summer flowers at this time of year :)
    Happy GBBD!

  10. Dear David,
    I love your Pittisporum most! Everything wich smells good I appreciate!
    Thank you for participating Blogger Blueten, I was happy you found me!
    Wish you a nice weekend!
    Greetings from Berlin!


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